46th BCS Preliminary Question Solution 2024

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46th BCS Question 2024

Are you looking for solution of 46th BCS questions 2024 for preliminary exam? Then you are in the right place to get the solution of your 46th exam question 2024 for Bangladesh Civil Service Commission. On 29 October, 46th BCS prelims were held in different departments of Bangladesh. About 4 lakh + thousand candidates have applied for 46th BCS of Bangladesh Public Civil Service Commission. And they participated in the exam on 29-10-2024 as per the date of BPSC. Now the participants are looking for a solution to the question of 46th BCS prelims. If they get the right solution to their question, they can count the numbers obtained.

46th BCS Question Solution 2024

Question Solution 46th is very important for BCS examinees. Huge candidates are eagerly waiting for the correct solution of the Preliminary MCQ exam. The salary grade of BPSC posts is a very high and first class job in Bangladesh. Here are some important information for 46th BCS.

  • Post: Different Post
  • Exam Time: 10 AM
  • Date: 29th October 2024
  • Exam Taker: PSC
  • Exam Type: MCQ

4th BCS Question Solution  দেখতে ক্লিক করুণ 

46thth BCS Question Solution  দেখতে ক্লিক করুণ 

46thth BCS Question Solution  দেখতে ক্লিক করুণ 

46thth BCS Question Solution  দেখতে ক্লিক করুণ 

46thth BCS Question Solution  দেখতে ক্লিক করুণ 

46thth BCS Question Solution  দেখতে ক্লিক করুণ 

46thth BCS Question Solution  দেখতে ক্লিক করুণ 

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And those who think your exam is bad and because of this bad exam you will not be able to pass the 46th BCS exam in Preliminary, start preparing for the next exam from now on. Since this is a special path, you have to be very prepared to follow this path and try to be a member of the Best Bangladesh Action Commission.

Congratulations from our website to those who have worked hard and managed for the 46th BCS exam.

46th BCS Syllabus or 46th BCS Preliminary Syllabus or BCS Written Syllabus PDF Download.

Please, go through this BCS Syllabus Analysis first and then find the download link under the picture of the book.

BCS Syllabus given by Bangladesh Public Service Commission-BPSC comprises two phases: BCS Preliminary Syllabus and BCS Written Syllabus.

BCS Preliminary Syllabus Download Link. Click here.

Click here for the book ‘The Cadre’

BPSC sets the syllabus for the first two episodes of the BCS exam. BCS Preliminary Syllabus for BCS Preliminary Examination and BCS Written Syllabus for BCS Written Examination are given.

BCS Syllabus:

Stage-1: BCS Preliminary Syllabus and BCS Preliminary Analysis.

Bangladesh Public Service Commission-BPSC has prepared BCS Preliminary Syllabus with twelve subjects. The total number allotted for BCS Preliminary Examination is 200. In the new BCS circular, the syllabus will be equipped with the same chapter of the previous BCS exam subjects. Not every subject carries equal numbers. Some subjects are given priority in BCS Preliminary Syllabus.

For example, ‘Bangla Language and Literature’ carries the number 35, ‘English Language and Literature’ carries the number 35, Bangladesh Affairs carries the number 30, International Affairs carries the number 20, Mathematics carries the number 15, Mental Power carries ’15 Marks, Envirography in Disaster Management ‘ 10 marks, 15 marks in General Science, 10 marks in ‘Ethics, Values ​​and Good Governance’, 15 marks in Computer and Information Technology.

Detailed Subject-wise Syllabus of BCS Preliminary Exam.

Subject-wise BCS Preliminary Syllabus is given below:

BCS Preliminary Syllabus:

1. Subject- Bangla Language and Literature: Marks-35

2. English Language and Literature: Marks-35
Part-1: Language
A. Parts of Speech:
B. Idioms & Phrases
C. Clauses
D. Corrections
E. Sentences & Transformations
F. Words
G. Composition
Part-2: Literature
H. English Literature
Elizabethan period to 21st Century
Quotations from drama/poetry

3. Bangladesh affairs: Marks-30
4. International Affairs; Marks-20