Canada Election results Cost 2021

The Covid 19 epidemic woke up Canadians on Tuesday after a costly election in a virtually unchanged political landscape that they did not want, with many expressing their anger at a cost of C $ 612 million ($ 477.60 million). Can’t accept this why you have to spend this money now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won the election, but it was unpopular from the start, two years ahead of schedule and during the fourth wave of the Covid-19. But he is now elected by the people

Estimated cost of the 44th general election ‘Waste of money’: Canadians regret election for $ 612 million, little change
The revised estimated cost for the 44th Federal General Election is $ 612 million, or about 3 18 .35 per registered voter. The costs associated with holding a general election typically last four years and include well-spent expenses after election day, such as reimbursement for teams and candidates.

Most of the expenses of the 44th the general election have been incurred in the fiscal year 2020-2021. As of September, 2021, more than 98% of the estimated cost has been spent.

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We will update these estimates until all relevant costs have been received and processed, which will then ensure the final cost of the general election.

Canada Election results Cost 2021

Estimates (as of September 22, 2021)
Election day 22 Sep 2021
Electoral calendar 40 days
Number of electoral districts 338
Number of electors on final list of electors 27,373,058
Preparation, conduct and post-event activities 1 $438.0 million
Reimbursement of election expenses to parties and candidates (includes subsidies to candidates’ auditors) $64.4 million
Total estimated cost $502.4 million
Estimated cost per elector $18.35

Comparison of cost of 43rd and 44th general elections

Any comparison of the election expenses of the 43rd (2019) and 44th (2021) general elections must be considered for the fact that the 43rd election is final, where the 44th  election may change over time. Some important statistics are also different.

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43rd general election October 21, 2019 44rd general election September 20, 2021 Difference (increase / decrease)
Election period 78 days 40 days 38 days (decrease)
Number of registered parties 23 21 2 (decrease)
Number of confirmed candidates 1,792 2,146 354 (increase)
Number of electors 25,939,742 27,373,058 1,433 ,316 (increase)
Cost $471.7 million $502.4 million* $30.7 million (increase)
Cost (in constant dollars) $502.6 million $502.4 million* $0.2 million (decrease)

*Estimate as of September 22, 2021.

According to the revised estimates, the cost of the 2019 election is about .70 more than the final cost of the 2021 election. million million dollars more.

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The difference between the estimated cost of the 2019 election and the final cost of the 2021 election can be explained as follows:

Cost increase / decrease of 2019 election vs. 2015 election Source of increase or decrease Explanation
$62.7 million (decrease) Length of election period In 2021, the election period was 40 days. In 2019, it was 78. In 2021, the short-term result has reduced costs in both election distribution and party and candidate rewards.
$39.2 million (increase) Inflation; service to more electors Adjusting costs for inflation (2019 to 2021) and accounting for an increased number of voters has increased the cost of the 2021 election. In addition, the Corona situation has increased the cost of travel to many places
$54.2 million (increase) Service enhancements; new legislation; systems upgrades In 2021, Elections Canada has made several improvements to elector services, resulting in increased costs. Improvements include, for example, more voting staff; Expanded vote-campus services; Additional satellite offices, and extended voting hours. Upgrades in IT systems and equipment and implementation of the new Electoral Act (Bill C-76) have increased compared to 2019 costs.
Total: $30.7 million (increase)

On a constant 2019 dollars basis, the cost of the 42nd general election was $502.6 million, which is $0.2 million more than the cost of the 43rd general election. On that same basis, the cost per elector decreased by 5% from $19.37 in 2015 to $18.35 per elector (estimated) in 2019.



2021 Canadian federal election

338 seats in the House of Commons
170 seats needed for a majority

Opinion polls

as of Sept 22, 01:17 EDT

Erin O'Toole March 18, 2021 portrait (cropped).jpg
Yves-Francois Blanchet in October 2009.jpg
Leader Justin Trudeau Erin O’Toole Yves-François Blanchet
Party Liberal Conservative Bloc Québécois
Leader since April 14, 2013 August 24, 2020 January 17, 2019
Leader’s seat Papineau Durham Beloeil—Chambly
Last election 157 seats, 33.12% 121 seats, 34.34% 32 seats, 7.63%
Seats before 155 119 32
Seats won 158[a] 119 34
Seat change Increase3 Steady Increase2
Popular vote 5,220,000+ 5,469,000+ 1,258,000+
Percentage 32.3% 33.9% 7.8%
Swing Decrease0.8pp Decrease0.4pp Increase0.2pp

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