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Continuing its journey to ratings and screens at the top of social media, the 25th episode of ‘Destan’, which will air on ATV on Tuesday at 20.00, Akkiz and Batuga have taken the first step towards their love and Alpagu Han, who was poisoned with seaweed. By
Let’s see what happens tonight. It will be seen tonight whether the love of 2 people will take the final form or a new jamela will be made.

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Alpagu then returned to his palace and ate again. Kam says God has given the Turks one last chance.

After Alpagu told a story to his children, he told Batuga to fight for the Turks. Batuga said he would protect his people from Itbarka no matter what. Alpagu then goes to the jail and asks Vera if he killed Ibek. Some alcoholics offered themselves to God to heal Aber. Aber soon opened his eyes and decided to take the crown from the palace. The next morning, Kam tells Batuga to throw the crown at an old woman living in the forest. Gunsell admitted to Care that she was not pregnant.

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Continuing its journey to the screens at the top of ratings and social media, the 25th episode of ‘Destan’, which will air on ATV on Tuesday at 20.00, Akkiz and Batuga have taken the first step towards their love and Alpagu Han, who has been poisoned with seaweed .

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When he finds Batuga for the old woman in the forest, he tells her that he loves Akisi. Alpagu was angry again when he saw the care-made grave. After May left prison, he spoke to Kayar and said he would help her regain the throne. Ober’s spies enter the palace and poison the guards. Saltuk’s spy struck and Kolpan looked at the soldiers in the palace. The old woman married Batuga Akkiz.

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“Khan dies, woman dies, but the state lives!” Akkiz and Batugar connected the heart. The excitement of the 25th episode was felt in Destan, the ATV series that aired Tuesday evening. The role of action-packed episodes also evoked a reaction as we waited for what would happen between Akkiz and Batuga with excitement.

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What will happen in the 25th episode of the epic?

What details come out in the trailers of the 25th episode of the epic?

In the epic, the Turks’ struggle with the Itbaraks continues. Alpagu Han, who was unconscious as a result of a game set by the Itabarakas who secretly entered the Sky Palace, recovered.

One of the highlights of the episode was how Alpagu Han, Temur and Keya Tegin, who had been suffocated by the smoke from the burning grass by the brickbars, were released from them.

The reason for bleeding from Alpagu Khan’s palate after treatment is also surprising. Action scenes were also at the forefront of the promotion of Destan’s new episode. Turkish women, who had Kohl in their eyes, fought on the battlefield with swords to swords.

Will double-headed Wolf Batuga and Akkiz be able to defeat Itbarak in their love affair?

The trailer for the 25th episode of Destan also caught Akij’s attention. Akkiz, “Sometimes you have to make a choice. The path you choose will either make you a hero and appreciate you or make you snow.” Used his words. Batuga said, “Baba Han, when my blood relatives are like that, Akkiz, how can you tell me to stay?” Says Batuga said of Akkiz, “Your life is no longer yours alone. The heir to the throne is the hope of your descendants.” Another phrase that marked the beginning of a new episode was “When a dog shows teeth, a wolf does not kneel”.

What will be Ober’s new plan with the crown that lost the battle with Batuga’s wounded knife?

Will Ober be able to take the crown he has set for his target?

Will Akkiz and Batuga be able to get what they want in a sword fight?

Destan, who marked the week with his thrilling trailer, is on ATV with its 25th episode on Tuesday at 20.00.

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The trailer of Destan 25 episode drama series has already been enjoyed on  May 30, 2022, watch this episode on ATV channel on Tuesday May 30, 2022 at 8:00 PM, the next day after watching this episode in Urdu, Hindi, English subtitles and free and download Destan-20 May 30, 2022. Let’s enjoy this episode.

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Destan Episode 25 in Urdu Subtitles. Most famous Turkish Series, Destan Episode 25 in Urdu Subtitles will be released on May 30, 2022 on Atv while it will be available in Urdu Subtitles on May 30, 2022 at 20:00 local Pakistan time. you may download and watch destana Episode 25 series.

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