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Mest-i Aşk (Drunk on Love -2022) Watching Online from July 2022, this is the true love drama.

Mest-i Ask (Drunk on Love)

  • Drama
  • History
  • 2022
  • Hassan fathi

Rumi’s story, his friendship with his father Shams Tabrizi, his love for him and the great influence of Shams in his life, his poetry and his love for God.

How to watch Mest-i Ask,(Drunk of Love)

There are different way to watching this drama after relished, Online live broadcasts scheduled for this show, you may also watching tv chanel turkish and Iran and you may show subtle of your own subtitle.

Cast in Mest-i Ask

Jalal ad-Din BalkhiParsa Pirouzfar
Shams ad-Din TabriziShahab Hosseini
Kerra-KhatoonSelma Ergeç
Hesam Ad-dinHesam Manzour
IskandarIbrahim Celikkol
MaryamBensu Soral
Ala Ad-dinBoran Kuzum
Kimia-KhatoonHande Erçel
Sultan ValadBurak Tozkoparan
DirectorHassan Fathi
WriterFarhad Tohidi
ProducerMehran Borumand


Persian | Turkish
Others Subtitle
         English, Arabic, Urd,, Hindi,Bangla watching ‘Mest-i Aşk’ (‘Drunk on Love’).

Trailer for ‘Mest-i Aşk’ (‘Drunk on Love’)

The Hande Erçel movie, after winning the small screen, The Love Is In The Air star is set to release his first film, entitled Mest-i Ask, or Drunk on Love internationally. The actress is making her debut with this Iran-Turkey co-production which will be released in 2022 if there is no delay. In the newly released trailer above you can get a glimpse of his character and the rest of the cast.

Plot for ‘Mest-i Aşk’ (‘Drunk on Love’)

Drunk on Love is a biopic centering on the poet Yalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, better known only as Rumi. He was a religious scholar who had a profound influence on Persian, Urdu and Turkish culture.

After his death, his followers created the Mevlevi Sufi Order. With such an influential personality, it is not surprising that they wanted to transfer his life to the big screen.