SSC final Suggestion 2024 English 1st Paper

Suggestion means to follow some specific things to do a good performance in the examination. That is why students do follow suggestion and search SSC English Suggestion on google.

We already made a SSC English 1st paper suggestion for all board students. Students can follow it to do a outstanding result in their board final examination. Here we have discuss all kind of question. And it is like board standers suggestion. So students can easily prepared themselves if they follow it. We also will publish SSC Result 2024 On this website.

Seen Passage – 1

In this part is so much important for SSC Applicants. Because student can obtain more marks from seen passage option. This part do help to get A+ in English. So carefully read this part and follow our this suggestion to full-fill your desire.

  • Heritage is what we inherit.
  • The advantage of the Internet Technology.
  • Meherjan lives in a slum.
  • Human can neither change.
  • 26 March, Our Independent Day.

Seen Passage – 2

Seen Passage – 2 is also so important for the students. Students also like this part on the exam hall. Thy do a good performance in the exam and this part do a good help to them.

If any student read all passage which we have suggested he will get common in the exam. And also will get a good marks in the examination. So do not wast your time do more study and get a extraordinary marks in the examination.

  • 26 March, Our Independent Day.
  • Pritilata Waddedar was.
  • Lake Baikal is the deepest.
  • 21st February has been.
  • May Day or International.

Unseen Passage

In the full examination this part is one of the most important. And student ca not do a good performance on that part. If they do not have a good preparation and do not follow a good suggestion. They will not do a good perform in the exam. They will not see common passage on the examination.

  • Albert Einstein was one.
  • Munsi Abdur Rouf was one.
  • Stephen Hawking is.
  • John Milton was the.
  • Abraham Linkon was the.
  • Matching Sentence
  • Nobodoot English Test Paper: Number – 11,13,16,23,25,33,34,39,51,64.

Rearrange Sentence

Nobodoot Test Paper: Number – 28,38,39,40,42,49,53,62,63,69.


  1. Traffic Jam.
  2. A School Magazine
  3. A Winter Morning.
  4. Environment Pollution.
  5. Tree Plantation.

Completing Story

  • The King Midas and His Golden Touch
  • The Lion and The Mouse.
  • Who is to Bell the Cat?
  • An Honest Woodcutter.
  • Bayzid’s Devotion to His Mother.

Describing Graphs and Charts

  1. The choice of profession by different educated people.
  2. Number of internet user.
  3. The interest of the students in different subjects.
  4. The number of Mobile Phone user.

Informal Latter Writing

  1. What i intend to do after the SSC Exam.
  2. Preposition for upcoming SSC exam.
  3. Important of Co-curricular activities.
  4. The Importance of reading Newspaper.
  5. Describing our Country.

Dialogue Writing

  • Use and abuse of Smart Phone.
  • The importance of Daily Newspaper.
  • Tree Plantation importance.
  • The importance of Learning English.
  • Preposition for the up-coming Examination.

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