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All the educational institutions of the country have closed since March 18 after the coronary virus was detected in our country. Except for some emergency service organizations, there is no working hours in the office and no normal environment. Similarly, the educational institutions whose collar backs they are not establish, Everyone is staying in their home. A new world of creative thinking ‘Kishor Batayone’. With this online service, teenagers can read and download books, watch movies and upload them.

They also to analyze the problems of everyday life with scientific knowledge and one can gain practical knowledge through various experiments in their hand-writing.

We have to remember, as a teacher, it is not my responsibility to conduct classes in the classroom and show the book. Be beside the students in any situation. Even in these turbulent times, we should think about our students and take quick action. So that they can spend a large part of their time in academic pursuits.

Kishore Batayon Live Class

The HSC and equivalent examinations are scheduled to begin on April 1st. No one can say for sure when the educational institutions will open by the time the situation does not improve. What will happen in this situation to students studying in primary to higher education? There are about 500 million students in all levels. Will we allow them to waste billions of hours in this difficult situation? What should be given?

From March 22, the first five private universities of the country are taking virtual classes in difference ways. It is reported that the rest of the universities will gradually turn online. Some of the private university teachers say that our work has increased manifold at present.

Although there are a number of methods to take virtual classes, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Google Classroom, Microsoft Team, Zoom and Course have already started using two of these six methods in some educational institutes. By using these technologies the class lecture sheet will upload. Students will also be given homework there. The most popular of these is Google Classroom. Many teachers are now down the class using the Google Classroom method.

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Teenagers always have to engage in some kind of work or sport. There is a proverb, ‘The lazy brain is the home of the devil.’ So you have to keep busy.In normal times, they would prepare for school, attend school, take classes, play sports, many attend private, visit friends and relatives.

Kishor Batayon Login -কিশোর বাতায়ন.কম

At present, when these things are stop, they will have their heads massed in the world as much as they think, it is normal. It’s also a way to keep them from getting back. And the kids just can’t sit in any way, I want them to do something. It is part of Child Psychology.

Kishore Batayon Registration

Do you need to registration for Kishor Batayon in Bangladesh? If you need it then maintain below our direction carefully and do it better. We are going to talk about it details on here. And we think it can help a new user a lot.

To do your Registration at first click on here

After enter on this official website you can see a new page. On the top corner of right You can see Login Button. Click on this button and You can see a new page has been open.

On this new page you must give all kind of information carefully.

Remember that to create a new account you must use a mobile number and where you have to verify one time password. That verification password will send by the authority and not to share it with others.

And after create your new account you can change your password again.

Complete your login process you can be able to use this online service which is maintain by Education ministry on Bangladesh.

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We hope that the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education will also do something realistic and rewarding for the little goldsmiths in these difficult times. And Kishore Batayon is also one of the part of them. For example, by allowing students to read some story books, write something, the teacher may talk to the child students on mobile (via parents’ mobiles).


The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is also looking for ways to keep young children in elementary education in touch. And they have already find out this process that online class by Sangsad TV of Bangladesh and BTV also. In addition to keeping 40 million children in primary touch in academic touch, they are also planning to reach Corona alert message via SMS to their guardian’s mobile number.

If you need more information please click here Kishor Batayon Live Class Login 

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