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Kuruluş Osman 102. bölüm fragmanını bu akşam izleyebilirsiniz zaten 101. bölüm bir süre önce sona erdi ve 102. bölüm fragmanı yayınlandı. Videonun tamamı 26 Ekim 2022’de yayınlanacak Türk dizisi ATV’de yayınlanacak. Bugünün tadını çıkaralım buraya tıklayın.

Kuruluş Osman 102 Video Fragmanını İzle

Friggi awaits Osman Bey and Bala Hatun

Alauddin tried to stand strong in the hands of the infidels. He is the son of Osman Bey. Will he give up? What great danger awaits Alauddin? Osman Bey threatens Kantakouzenos. If anything happened to his son Alauddin, it would make the world narrow for all of them. What awaits Osman Bey and Bala Hatun on their way to find their son Alauddin?

Kuruluş Osman 102 Video Fragmanını İzle VIdeo

Can Frigg stab Malhun Hatun?

There is something belonging to the Olofs in Yenisehir. Olof will risk everything and do his best to get her. What awaits Olof in Yenisehir? On the other hand, Olof’s lover Frigg Malhun points his dagger at Hatun. What kind of danger is Malhun Hatun? Or will the frig get caught? Let’s enjoy the new trailer in the upcoming episode.

Osman Bai will disrupt that great game?

On the other hand, Constantinople became involved again. By poisoning the emperor. Kantakouzenos included Ophelia in his plans. The one who will deal with this confusion is once again Osman Bey. What steps will Osman Bay take to disrupt the great game? Osman Bey will meet Olof again in the arena. Where will this match end?

Plan of Kantakouzenos

Kantakouzenos arrives to stop the conflict between Osman Bey and his powerful enemy, Olof. Kantakouzenos blames Ophelia. So, where does Kantakouzenos want to reach by naming Osman Bey Ophelia?

Öktem Bey and Turgut Bey face off

After the martyrdom of Oktem Bey, Batur Alp, they experience a new shock before their pain subsides. Oktem Bay and Bengi Hatun; They are standing in front of Turgut Bay. Where will the tension between Öktem Bey and Turgut Bey end? Will Mr. Octem be able to expose the slander thrown at him? Kantakuzenos wants to punish Octem Bey. What will be the reaction of Osman Bey to Kantakouzenos? Is Osman Bey going to give Octem to Kantakouzenos? What will be the attitude of Alsik and Aktemur towards each other in this tense environment will he fall in love?

Kurulus Osman Episode 102 Summary

Let’s enjoy new episode 101 Kurulus Osman in Urdu English language Click here watch Full Episode.

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As Oluf and Osman leave, Osman enters the fence and kills innocent villagers. Eventually, Oluf and Osman fight, but Kantakuzenos interrupts the fight. Anyway, this TV series is progressing one after another. Osman Bey is trying hard to rescue Alauddin.

Meanwhile, new news came through Konur Bay that there was a plot to poison the Roman emperor. Kantakuzenos is involved in this conspiracy to come to power. So Oluf united with and declared war against the emperor. When osman listens there is a fierce battle to rescue the emperor and osman will win the battle let’s watch today’s full episode so we can understand what is going to happen tonight’s episode enjoy you can watch us directly from this live Kurulu’s Osman’s 101st episode