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Kuruluş Osman 90 Bölüm 2 Sezon 3 tonight release video Fragmanı İzle ATV’de izleyin  Watch this Online Video & Download, Urdu, English, Hindi, Turkmen Subtitle. Kurulus Osman 90 episode together. Let’s see what will happen in the 90th episode of Kurulus Osman. Osman Bay set Inhisar as the first target before Inigol.  Kuruluş Osman 90. Fragmanı Yeni bölüm Çarşamba 20:10’de atv’de! watch Download easyway Online Streaming 20:10 on April 13, 2022 on ATV. 

Osman Bey made great concessions from Sultan Mesud and Emperor Andronikos and signed a Peace Agreement

“Until the oppressed have not a single sigh, we will breathe in the neck of the oppressors! Our campaign will not end! Our war will not end!”

Finally Inegol Win in 1299

Orhan &  Alaaddin are two Son of Osman Bay

Inegol win After that there is Bursa. Next to Constantine and after that Cihan

Guys , this is the Inegol Castle you see. After that there is Bursa. Next to Constantine and after that Cihan. You are the wings that carry us forward. Orhan what is one of that wing? Nizami is a matter of the world , Said Osman. Alaaddin is asking what is the other side of that wing? Osman said God is the world father. The only curse of the oppresses is the wound of staying. we will fade in the voice of the oppressors. Our time will not end nor our battle will end. the one who drived with full flow untill we reach our dreams.

“Kurulus Osman”, the most watched TV series

“Kurulus Osman”, the most watched TV series on the screens, took its place at the top of the ratings and social media while taking your breath away with its 90 episode on the ATV screen. Mari was avenged as Cornelia confessed to her crimes. On the other hand, Seljuk Sultan Mesud and Byzantine Emperor Andronikos came to Söğüt for a peace agreement. Osman Bey consented to the peace agreement with great concessions.

Kurulus Osman 90 Episode Watch Video

In the 90 episode of Kurulus Osman, Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun realize that Cornelia is trying to acquit herself with Selcan Hatun’s protection number. To prove Cornelia’s treachery, Ana Selcan poisons her. Poisoned, Cornelia confesses how she killed Mari Hatun. Osman Bey orders Corneali to be brought to identify the masked person he killed. Cornelia, who is brought to Kayı Obası Square, is relieved to see that the masked person is not Master Arius. He says that the masked person is Master Arius in order to prevent Osman Bey and Kayı’s suspicions. Angered at those around her, Cornelia dies with her eyes open when the poison takes effect.

Seljuk Sultan Mesud and Byzantine Emperor Andronikos came to Söğüt for a peace agreement. Osman Bey meets with Seljuk Sultan Mesud, Byzantine Emperor Andronikos and İnegöl Tekfuru Nikola at the inn. Emperor Andronikos asks Nikola to sign the Peace Agreement, saying that he will expand the union agreement signed against Geyhatu and sign it with Sultan Mesud. Osman Bey, on the other hand, states that Geyhatu was condemned by Argun Khan and that the Mongols are no longer a danger, and that he will continue the conquests.

To the insistent peace offers of Sultan Mesud and Emperor Andronikos, Osman Bey replied, “If you want peace, you will pay me the tax of the Absu and Karaçepuş fortresses! We will graze our free animals in the pastures around them!”

Mr. Osman, Without waiting for an answer from the emperor, he turns to Sultan Mesut and explains his conditions for peace by saying, “Turkmen who see prosperity in the ends and hope and come will be guided! Anyone who says I will reach Osman Bey will be given retribution! Pusat will be given, horses will be given!” Osman Bey, who received what they wanted from Emperor Andronikos, said, “As for Nikola…

The mines you hold in your hand are now mine! I said my terms, you heard! Since there are two states at the table! It is not possible to oppose the agreement! Here you go!” Emperor Andronikos and Nikola are desperately forced to accept Osman Bey’s conditions. He explains the conditions for peace by saying.