Kuruluş Osman Final Last Episode 98 Atv Watching Video English Urdu Subtitles Download

We will hoist the flag of Islam in Yenişehir! – Kurulus Osman 98, “The Alps! We are taking over Newtown! ” Kuruluş Osman is on ATV with the season finale on Wednesday at 20.00! kayi Obasi is giving martyrdom! Romanos takes Osman Beck to the ring. Osman Bay is on its way to victory with the brave.
Finally Osman Bey is Victory & celebrating the conquest of Yenişehir 

Final and Last Episode 98 ‘Kuruluş Osman‘, which is at the top of the ratings for the third season and has attracted a lot of attention from the viewers, is going to end with the final episode of the next season at 20.00 on Wednesday. Kurulus Osman’s Season 3 episode 98 video watching on ATV, Kurulus Osman’s 98 episode video Download, Kurulus Osman’s 98 episode video trailer has been already been released already and the next episode will be released on Wednesday 15 June, 2022 at 8pm.

Watch Kuruluş Osman series with the speed of Türk Telekom Fiber. Season finale Wednesday at 20.00 on atv! The ladies are infiltrating Romanos castle

“الپس! ہم Yenişehir لے جائیں گے!” Kurulus Osman بدھ کو 20.00 بجے سیزن کے اختتام کے ساتھ ATV پر ہوں گے!

Final last Episode 98 atv Watching Video

“Alplar! Yenişehir’i alacağız!” Kuruluş Osman sezon finaliyle Çarşamba 20.00’de atv’de!
As we tell history tonight, we bid farewell to Demirci Davud, one of the architects of the Turkish conquest, the iron master of our region, who accompanied us.

‘Kuruluş Osman’, Episode 98 Trailer Video

Trailer 2 has come out today. From the previous trailer, it is understood that a lot will happen in this trailer, Osman will die in a short time. The Romans will win this battle. In this article you will get an idea of ​​what will happen in this war

Kuruluş Osman Summary 96 episode

Osman Bay’s target is now Yeniseheir. Yenisehehir, Bala, Malhun, Aye, Aigul Hatunlar and the sisters will not be idle during the siege of Osman Bay and its Alps.

Hatula, who had already entered the fort in disguise, was going to fight a fierce battle with the enemy to bring down the enemy from inside.

Kuruluş Osman 98 Victory Yenisehire

Osman Bay and his Alps enter Yenisehire and punish Romanos. The conquest of Yenisehir by Osman Bay will elicit many obstacles in Bithynia and Konya.

But this obstacle will be overcome from within by Auburn Abdal, Demirsi Dawood and Akka Darwish who will be in the hands of Romans. Romanos is ready to do anything to solve Osman Bay’s game.

Will Kumaral Abdal, Aka Dervish and Demirsi Dawood be able to withstand the tyranny of Romanos? Can Bala, Malhun and other elephants save them?

Kurulus Osman 98 Episode Watch Now

Romanos forces will torture Auburn Abdal, Demirsi Dawood and Akka Darvish K. What Bala, Malhun and the other Hatuns will do is try to rescue Auburn Abdal, Demirsi Dawood and Akka Darvish.

Osman Bay encounters a stiff resistance at Yenisehire, where he leans against his door. Osman Bay speaks of his intelligence in addition to the power of his wrist for Yenisehi’s victory.

What is Osman Bay’s clever plan? Eventually, Kayı reached the gates of the Alps Yenisehir

Surprised by what happened, Romanos and his soldiers try to play a dirty game.

Kurulus Osman 98 Blacksmith David End Watching Live

In the most difficult moment of the war, Blacksmith David, at the cost of his life, pushed himself forward so that the Kai flag could fly. Will David Blacksmith be saved?

Osman Bay and the Alps occupy Yenisehi. Osman Bay, who fights Romanos, takes his head and cuts off his sentence.

This is a new victory, but will it be a new problem for the people of Yenisehir, Osman Bay?

The conquest of Yenisehe by Osman Bay will mean that he is an influential force in Bithynia. How will Osman Bay’s successive victories resonate in Konya?