Kuruluş Osman Sezon 4 Trailer Watch HD Video Link

The auspicious opening is season 4 of Kurulus Osman. The shooting has started from today. After many days of waiting, the TV series Kurulus Osman Osman 4 made with the tradition of Islam in the Ottoman Empire is finally starting. The previous season ended with the 98th episode. It is expected that the new season of Kurulus Osman will start with the 99th episode.

Kurulus Osman 4 Opening Ceremony Live

“Have a good and fruitful week” Kurulus Family

Kurulus Osman season 4 Trailar was supposed to be released on Saturday, but due to the delay in the shooting of some scenes, the trailer was not released! Will notify if there is any update. Photo – From the shooting spot of season 4

Kurulus Osman New Episode 99 Watch Now

“The enemy is different. Their weapons are also different, but I will destroy them!”

‘Organization Osman’ will bring the frightening struggle of Osman Bey, who has turned his direction to Bursa and Istanbul in a way that will change the rules of the game in the fourth season. Episode 99 Watch Now.

ATV Kuruluş Osman 99.Bölüm HD Video

Every episode of Kurulu’s Osman 4 will be watched with subtitles. Earlier this series was very popular in Pakistan, India and Turkmenistan. Malaysia has been added recently. Hope malaysia gain a lot of popularity let’s watch every episode with subtitle Kurulu’s Osman 4 now only time to wait

Malaysian Queen Visits Kurulus Osman set Today

Malaysia Rani is expected to launch the set of Kurulus Osman today, the trailer will be released in the fast week of September and the new season of Kurulus Osman 4 will be aired on Wednesday, October 5 at 8 pm on ATV channel. Kurulu’s Osman season 4 episode 99 will see the arrival of Orhan and Osman will be seen a bit older though Osman will go further.

Kurulus Osman 4 Opening Ceremony Trailer

Today Malaysia’s Queen Tunku Azizah Aminah Maymunah Iskandariyah, Princess Afzan Amina, Jihan Azizah and the Malaysian delegation visited the set and announced the opening of the Kurulus Osman series produced by Bozdag Film, which is gearing up for its fourth season on ATV screens and is the top rated TV series. T.

Queen of Malaysia went with Kurulus Osman.

Meeting producer/screenwriter Mehmet Bozdag and actors, Queen Azizah congratulated the Bozdag film on its success and expressed her congratulations and gratitude from the Malaysian people, saying that she had watched all episodes of Bozdag Productions’ TV series, especially Kurulus Osman. As well as Step Lion Selaleddin Harzemah and Epic Series with praise.

Kurulus Osman 4 Sezon Episode 99 Trailer Video

Kurulus Osman set meeting with the Queen of Malaysia

During their visit, Queen Azizah and the Malaysian delegation were accompanied by Mehmet Bozdag, director Metin Gune, TV series actor Osman and Stepp Arslan Selaluddin Harjemsah, OJ Toure, Ahmet Yenilmej, Yegit Ukasen, Osman. Emre Kıvılcım. Queen Azizah, who visited the plateau, received information from Mehmet Bozdag about the Bozdag Film Plateau and its production, and said that she had seen all the episodes of Kurulus Osman, Epic and Bozki’s Arsalani Selaluddin Harzemah series and was a follower of the series.

Expressing her appreciation for the Bozdag film Malabhoomi, Queen Azizah said, “You teach history, I look forward to every episode of your TV series, I don’t miss a single one of them. I look forward to new episodes.”

Kurulus Osman 4 Sezon Episode 99 Video

Mehmet Bozdag and actors from the TV series presented Queen Azizah with dresses, daggers, Turkmen headdresses and handmade specially designed products. Queen Azizah, who was visiting the blacksmith’s workshop at Kai Obasi, said “Farewell, God is right” and the queen made a sword out of iron.