Live Video: Pilot threatens to crash plane into Walmart in Mississippi U.S

Pilot threatens to deliberately crash small plane into Mississippi Walmart Pilot has released video threatening to crash plane into a Mississippi Walmart. A stolen plane circled over north Mississippi early Saturday morning and police said they evacuated a Walmart store after the pilot threatened to crash it.

Finally Landing Plane and Danger free

Police said that they contacted the pilot directly. Authorities believe the plane – a Beech C90A – was stolen and are working to determine if the pilot who threatened to crash the plane was an employee of the local airport. At about 5 p.m., it was still in the air more than four hours later, but had flown out of Tupelo and was circling over another nearby community.

Video is live Now

Investigators continue to monitor the flight path and are in contact with the pilot, the people said. An online flight tracking service shows the aircraft moving through the sky and following a looping path. Every One don’t know what happen now this time.

A pilot flying over Tupelo intentionally activated the control over a Walmart location in the city. The plane is “probably a King Air type,” police said in their Facebook post.

BREAKING: Pilot threatening to crash plane into Walmart in Tupelo, Mississippi, police say

What did the police say?

A pilot threatened to intentionally crash a small plane into a Walmart in Tupelo, Mississippi, police said Saturday morning.

Video is live

The situation is being handled by TPD and all emergency services in our area as a precaution at this time, Tupelo Police said in a news release Saturday morning. With that kind of aircraft mobility, the danger zone is much bigger than Tupelo.

The Tupelo Walmart store is currently closed and vacated, Walmart press office director Charles Crosson said. He added that we are working closely with local investigators and referring questions to law enforcement.

The plane was reportedly north of Tupelo in the Benton and Union County area around 8:35 a.m. local time, police said in an update. Stay with us for latest updates. We are giving updates every moment.