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Mere Humsafar Season 1 Episode 22 Overview

Name of the Season Mere Humsafar
Episode Number Episode 22
Genre Drama
Mere Humsafar Initial Release Date 30 December 2021
Mere Humsafar Season 1 Episode 22 Release Date June 2, 2022
Number of Season Season 1
NOD 5 days

Mere Humsafar 22 Overview

The main character of this series is a girl named Hala.

Halar was born in London. Her parents separated when she was young. Hala’s father Nafis has left Pakistan because his new wife does not want to raise his daughter. Halar’s grandmother’s house is called Rifat Ara Manzil where her father’s brothers Rais and Jaliz and their wives Shahjahan and Sophia and their son Hamza and daughter Romi Osamin live.

Hala is a victim of abuse by her aunts. Halar’s great aunt dislikes him the most. She grew up to be an innocent teenager who was always the victim of harassment. Her uncle tells her father false stories about her and does not allow her to talk to her father. Halar’s girlfriend Shafaq. Hala fell in love with his best friend Shafaq’s cousin Khurram. But Khurram was already married to Shafaq. No one told Hala about this. Uncle and aunt used to scold Hala about small matters. Romi wrongly named Halar. Grandma liked Hala very much and Grandma decided to marry him to Hamza. But Hamza’s mother will not make Hala her son’s wife by any means and she is adamant in her decision to make her cousin Samin her son’s wife.

Hamza studied in Australia. Rais (Hala’s uncle) plans to marry Hala to his servant Naveed, who is a fool. Suddenly Hamza left the country saying no. On the day of Hala’s wedding, the groom wants dowry, so the girl is bad, so he marries such a boy. After hearing this, Hala’s cousin Hamza broke up his marriage saying how could he live with such a person. After the scene, due to some mistake made by her younger sister against Samin, Hamza’s mother tells Hala to save her daughter by doing everything Hala and hits her and throws Hala out of the house in the middle of the night. Later, when Hamza finds Hala on the street, he brings her to the house where Rise says he needs to have a relationship to stay in this house, so he obeys and takes Hama to the mosque and marries Hala!