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One of the popular TV series of Pakistan is Mere Humsafar. This form already 39 episode trailer and tonight 39th episode will air you can watch this channel we can easily watch Mere Humsafar video online. next episode is the last episode. total 40nos episode is showing.

آج کے ایپی سوڈ میں دکھایا گیا ہے کہ ہالا اپنے شوہر کے ساتھ ہسپتال میں بچے کو جنم دے رہی ہے اور بچے کے مستقبل کی منصوبہ بندی کر رہی ہے اسی دوران ہالہ کی ساس جیکینا چاچی بھی ایک نئی فون کال سے گھبرا گئی ہیں آئیے اگلی مکمل قسط 39 سے لطف اندوز ہوں۔

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is a Pakistani drama television series by ARY Digital. Produced by Humayun Saeed and Shehzad Naseeb under Six Sigma Plus banner, directed by Qasim Ali Murid. It stars Saba Hamid, Wasim Abbas, Samina Ahmed, Zoya Nasir, Hira Umar and Tara Mahmud in lead roles. Starring Farhan Saeed and Hania Amir.

Mere Hamsafar Episode 39 Watch Video

Mere Humsafar Episode 39 Preview

Hamza comes to meet Hala and says we were related by blood. I have sympathy for you. Never asked myself whether I love you or not? But what Ajib Katha is Khurram makes me feel how much I love you. Then Hala says I have always loved you but you didn’t have those feelings for me. Now there is nothing else now you understand!

Mere Hamsafar Episode 39 Watch Video

आज के एपिसोड में हला को अपने पति के साथ अस्पताल में एक बच्चे को जन्म देते हुए और बच्चे के भविष्य की योजना बनाते हुए दिखाया गया है।
हाला सास जिकिना चाची भी एक नए फोन कॉल से घबरा जाती हैं आइए देखते हैं अगले पूरे एपिसोड 39 का आनंद लें।

Meanwhile Hamza finds Bikash’s family and he and his father go to his parents at Bikash’s house. Then Bikash’s parents come to pick up Rumi. Says where can we take our deposit and when can we take Hamza’s father if we get your permission we will take our deposit. They are very happy to see Rumi. At that time Shahjan Rumi’s mother came and threw some money at them. No one will go, take this dowry and get out of my house. I will send the divorce papers. Hamza tries to silence his mother. Hamza’s father scolds Shahjahan a lot.

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