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Mere Humsafar- میرے ہمسفر: Watch 37 Episode now:  is a Pakistani drama television series by ARY Digital. Produced by Humayun Saeed and Shehzad Naseeb under the banner of Six Sigma Plus, directed by Qasim Ali Murid. It stars Saba Hamid, Wasim Abbas, Samina Ahmed, Zoya Nasir, Hira Umar and Tara Mahmud in lead roles. Starring Farhan Saeed and Hania Amir.

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This episode will feature 3, Hamza listening to all of Hurram and Hurram and Hamza talking. Hurram says Hala was only my college friend. I love and want to marry Samin. Hurram is the end of love if we only want the happiness of Mehboob. Hearing this, Hamza got angry and left Hurram’s house. Hala thinks, how can Hamza take this decision alone, standing by the window, Maryam comes and says to Hala, what do you want, then Hala says separate from Hamza, then Maryam says you will not stay with Hamza bhai, then tell me, give a divorce. Then Hala says Taijan both of us. He will not allow to be one, he does what he says. Then Maryam told everything to her father Nafiz, he said that Hala will do whatever she wants then Maryam said that Hala cannot live without Hamza Bhai.

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Then Nafiz decided to sell the house and called his elder brother Raees to vacate, then he said why should he sell his mother’s Nishan. Nafiz then says my daughter Hala will not stay in this room so I have taken this decision. Then Rais calls Hamza and asks if he will bring Hala by this afternoon then Hamza replies that Hala will not come, Hala Chaptar is close. He said and left the room.

On this side, Hurram sent Samin a sorry card and Samin read the card and shed tears. At this point, Hala goes to prepare the divorce papers with Maryam, but she does not have the courage to go away from Hamza. When he came, he saw Rumi in tears. Rumi asks what happened Rumi then shares what happened to him with Hala. And with that, this episode is over.

The main character of this series is a Girl named Hala.

Hala was born in London. His parents separated when he was young. Hala’s father Nafis left Pakistan because his new wife did not want to raise his daughter. Hala’s grandmother’s house is called Rifat Ara Manzil where her father’s brothers Rais and Jaliz and their wives Shahjahan and Sofia and their son Hamza and daughter Romi Osamin live.

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Hala is abused by her aunts. Hala’s great aunt disliked her the most. She grew up to be an innocent teenager who was always bullied. His uncle tells his father false stories about him and does not allow him to talk to his father. Hala’s girlfriend is Shafak. Hala fell in love with her best friend Shafak’s cousin Khurram. But Khurram was married to Shafaq before that.

No one told Hala about this. Uncles and aunts scolded Hala for small things. Romi names Hala by mistake. Grandmother loved Hala very much and Grandmother decided to marry her to Hamza. But Hamza’s mother will not make Hala his son’s wife by any means and she is adamant about making her cousin Samin his son’s wife.

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Hamza studied in Australia. Rais (Hala’s uncle) plans to marry Hala to his servant Navid, who is an idiot. Suddenly Hamza leaves the country without telling. On Hala’s wedding day, the groom asks for dowry, the girl marries such a bad boy. After hearing this, Hala’s cousin Hamza broke off the marriage saying how could she live with such a person. After the scene, due to some mistake of her younger sister against Samin, Hamza’s mother asks Hala to do everything to save her daughter and hits her and throws Hala out of the house in the middle of the night. Later, when Hamza sees Hala on the street, he brings her to the house where Raiz says he needs to be in a relationship to live in this house, so he takes Hama to the mosque and marries Hala.