‪‪Mid Autum Japan Festival‬‬ 21st September 2021

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated every year on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunisolar calendar. This year, it falls on September 21st.

The lunisolar calendar is a calendar of many cultures whose dates indicate both the lunar period and the time of the solar year. Normal years in this case consist of twelve months but every second or third year is an embolismic year, which adds a thirteenth intermediate, embolismic or leap month.

The lunisolar calendar is a calendar of many cultures whose dates indicate both the lunar period and the time of the solar year. If the solar year is defined as a tropical year, a lunisolar calendar will give an indication of this season. If it is taken as a lateral year, the calendar will predict a star that may have a full moon nearby. Like all calendars that divide the year into months, there is an additional requirement that the year has the number of full months. Normal years in this case consist of twelve months but every second or third year is an embolismic year, which adds a thirteenth intermediate, embolismic or leap month.

Their months are based on the regular cycles of the phases of the moon. So lunisolar calendars are lunar calendars – in contrast to them – with additional intermediate rules being used to bring them into fair agreement with the solar year and thus the asons.

The main other type of calendar is a solar calendar.

The 1729 Japanese calendar, which uses the Jokio calendar method, was published by Ise Grand Shrine.

The festival is celebrated by people all over the world. It’s time to celebrate the moon and harvest.

1 Five nuts (wu ren) mooncake
We are finally ready to combine our deliriously nuts and yummilicious Five Almond Mooncakes! Just think we missed the Mid-Autumn Festival! Oops! For our excuse for late posting and for checking out our detailed and crazy Five Almond Mooncakes ingredient sourcing and pre-assembly episode, please see our post Five Almond Mooncake Part. So, at the moment we have all the ingredients in source, toast and roast, cut and right configuration. It’s time to put these five nut mooncakes together!
Ham and Nut Mooncake Recipe, by thewoksoflife.com
Here are five almond mooncakes beautiful cakes for the skin. The golden brown color is from the raw sugar that I used to make gold syrup. (You can also buy premade golden syrup.) If you use white sugar (which you really shouldn’t), the color will probably be lighter. I also used fresh lord which I made. Lord really makes a fragrant, extra yummy mooncake skin. I was really happy with the skin this time. It’s nicely thinned and I’ve been able to wrap so thinly around the mooncake filling. Everyone knows, thin mooncake skin is one of the signs of mooncake excellence!
2 Lava custard mooncake
A unique double-baked technique for an ultimate creamy sensation
The yolks of the salted eggs are first boiled and the essential oils are extracted from them. They are then mixed with the custard filling and coated with a thin crust before returning to the oven. Using this exclusive baking technique and a unique recipe, “Egg Custard Mooncake” has a creamy texture and a heavenly aroma.
When our “Lava Custard Mooncake” is cut, a golden yellow lava of salted egg yolk flows. Each bite emits a fragrant aroma of egg custard and is accompanied by the fragrant aroma of the yolk of the molten egg. This year we have Cheese Lava Mooncakes which is a unique rich nutty flavor comparable to the tasty and fun, well-known Blue Cheese.
Try our Lava Egg Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake which has a semi-melted filling of lava salted egg yolk. The yolk of the molten egg slowly comes out of the white lotus seed paste. This is a modern rendition of the 2 egg yolks of the classic White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake.
3 Snow skin mooncake
Non-baked mooncakes on the table
Snow-skin mooncakes are quickly surpassing traditional traditional mooncakes as a favorite dessert during the Mid-Autumn Festival. With its smooth snow-like texture and lovely sweet filling, this Chinese traditional traditional snack is a popular make-a-home snack!
Ave you ever wanted to make your own homemade festive treats with minimal muss and fuss? Have you heard of these new sweet sensations sweeping Asia, but are skeptical of their nutritive value? If so, then this article is for you! Read on as we introduce you to everything you need to know about this choice confection.  Our recipe is authentic and delicious while being accessible for beginners. Moreover, by making using our home recipe, you not only can choose how you would like them to look but also control its ingredients to fit your diet!
Without any further ado, here is a quick online primer all about snow skin mooncake.
4 Lotus mooncake
Lotus Mooncakes with Salted Egg Yolks, by thewoksoflife.com

It’s Mooncake time again:

Mid-Autumn Festival! Lotus mooncakes with egg yolks are so popular that many readers saw my Savory Mooncake post and requested a recipe. To my understanding, this filling combination is the best choice for most Cantonese people when it comes to mooncakes.

I originally posted this recipe in September 2021, but after re-examining it and gaining more knowledge about making mooncakes in the last 5 years, we updated the post with new tips, tricks and insights as well as updated metric measurements!

5 Gluten free mooncake
Pineapple Filled Gluten-free Snow Skin Mooncakes-9
China’s Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. Mooncakes are the hallmark tradition of this festival. When I was little, my parents used to fill our little pantry with all kinds of traditional traditional mooncakes. The best part of most of my favorite traditional mooncakes was the shell or leather. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a gluten-free mooncake since I started my gluten-free diet. However, Snow Skin is an alternative to Mooncakes. You can easily gluten-free them.
Even better, snow-skinned mooncakes are much easier to prepare than traditional themed mooncakes. Over the past few years, this pineapple-filled gluten-free Snow Skin Mooncakes has become my family tradition of celebrating this festival. In the original Snow Skin Mooncake recipes, wheat starch is one of the ingredients. It can be easily replaced with cornstarch. It is now gluten-free! Wow!