Rajshahi University Admission Re-Admit Card 2025 admission.ru.ac.bd Download

Final Application. Admit Card Download. 01.03.2025 12pm to 04.03.2022 11.59pm. Admission Test From 05/03/2025,06/03/2025 &07/03/2025.

Special instructions regarding application Based on the results of HSC examination from among the initial applicants, a maximum of 45000 (forty five thousand) applicants with special quota in each unit will get the opportunity to participate in the admission test.

Rajshahi University Admit Card Download

In the first phase, 45000 candidates (with special quota) selected for each unit will have to complete the application between There will be no opportunity to apply later. If the required number of applications (45,000) from the first stage candidates is not met, the next candidates will be selected for the second stage application based on the results.


Candidates selected for the second phase have to complete the application between 8 pm on 2025. There will be no opportunity to apply later. If the prescribed number of applications (45,000) is not met even after being selected in the second phase, the next candidates will be selected for the third phase on the basis of the results.
Candidates selected for the third phase have to complete the application between 10 pm on 29/03/2025 and 11.59 pm on 31/03/2025. No further application will be accepted after that time.

Admit Card must be downloaded between 12 noon on 01/03/2025 and 11:59 pm on 04/03/2025.

Admit Card Download

From 01/03/2025 (12.01pm) to
04/03/2025 (11.59pm)

Admission Test 

From 05/03/2025 to 07/03/2025

Admission Test  Result

From 08/03/2025 to 10/03/2025

Online Final Application Guide

Candidates selected from among the initial applicants for the 1st Year Graduation (Honors) / Graduation Admission Test 2023-24 in Rajshahi University on the basis of the results of HSC examination have to complete the final application online through the website of the University. All the detailed information including the application procedure can be found on the website admission.ru.ac.bd. The application can be made by following the procedure described below.

Application process
(A) Provide information regarding secondary and higher secondary examinations
By clicking on the “Start Application” button on the home page of the website, on the next page the candidate has to provide his / her SSC / Equivalent and HSC / Equivalent examination roll, Board of Education and next year. In addition, the visible numbers and characters (Captcha) in a picture given on the page must be input in the right place.

Technical-Vocational or Technical-HBM / DIC (Diploma in Commerce or Business Management), GCE (A Level, O Level) and BFA students in the place of Board of Education applicable to the students of Technical Education Board Others (GCE-A Level / BFA) will select.

After filling all the information correctly and pressing the “Submit” button, the result of his SSC / equivalent and HSC / equivalent examination will be seen along with the personal information of the applicant along with the photo. All information must be matched correctly. A list of the units in which the candidate has been selected for final application will be displayed.

(B) Application process
From the list of applicable units, the applicant has to put a tick mark next to the unit he / she wishes to apply to (one or more applicable units can be applied simultaneously). You can then go to the next step of the application by clicking on the “Next” button. If you don’t want to apply at that moment, you have to click on “Exit” button.

If you want to change the picture for any reason, it can be done by clicking on the “Change Photo” button and following the rules given in the “Photo Instruction” menu. However, an additional fee (TK 200.00) has to be paid for changing the picture.

If any information is incorrect, it can be corrected by clicking on the “Back” button and returning to the previous step. Clicking on the “Submit Application” button will complete the candidate’s application and you will see a slip. The slip will have the Application ID, Bill Number and the total fee amount printed with the applicant’s photo. The slip can be printed or saved by clicking the “Download Pay slip” button at the bottom of the slip. This slip is definitely not an “Admit Card” but the information provided will be required later. Click on the OK button to complete the application process.

(C) Fee payment procedure and application confirmation
The application has to be confirmed by paying the relevant fee through Rocket using the Bill Number given in the slip in the manner mentioned below. The application will not be completed without payment of the relevant fee.

Fee payment method through Rocket
Step-1: Dial * 322 #.
Step-2: Select the “1. Bill Pay” option.
Step-3: Select the “2. Other” option.
Step-4: “Enter Payer Mobile No.” Instead, the mobile number of the candidate has to be given.
Step-5: Select the “0. Other” option.
Step-6: Enter Biller ID. Type ‘377’ instead.
Step-7: Enter Bill Number must be replaced with the Bill Number given on the slip.
Step-8: Enter Amount in place of the total fee paid on the slip.
Step-9: Enter PIN of Customer’s Rocket Account instead of Enter PIN.
Step-10: Payment Confirmation SMS will come. You need to save Transaction ID (Txn ID) from this SMS.

Rocket payment confirmation SMS will be available from Rocket and the relevant application information will be updated on the website within 24 hours after payment of fee.

Only by downloading the Admit Card, the applicant will be able to know the roll number of his admission test. Admit Card must be downloaded between 12 noon on 18/09/2022 and 11:59 pm on 22/09/2022. Admit Card cannot be downloaded after the specified time

Provide your SSC/Equivalent and HSC/Equivalent information

HSC/ সমমান এবং SSC/ সমমান পরীক্ষা সংক্রান্ত প্রয়োজনীয় তথ্য সঠিক ভাবে প্রদান করতে হবে। কারিগরি বোর্ডের শিক্ষার্থীরা শিক্ষা বোর্ডের স্থলে প্রযোজ্য ক্ষেত্রে Technical-Vocational, Technical – HBM/DIC (Diploma in Commerce অথবা Business Management এর ক্ষেত্রে) এবং GCE ও BFA এর শিক্ষার্থীরা বোর্ডের স্থলে Others ( GCE-A Level/BFA ) সিলেক্ট করবে ।


Admit Card Download

From 01/03/2025 (12.01pm) to
04/03/2025 (11.59pm)

Admission Test 

From 05/03/2025 to 07/03/2025

Admission Test  Result

From 07/03/2025 to 10/03/2025


Admission Helpline: 01703-899973, 01703-899974, 01797-234567
(Every day from 02/03/2025 to 31/03/2025 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM)