103. Kurulus Osman Season 4 Watch Subtitle HD Video On November 9

The new trailer of the 103rd episode shows that a huge battle will take place. Osman and his opponents will be seen fighting here with only a few parts. This battle of Osman will be seen on Wednesday at 8 PM New episode 103. Let us enjoy Kurulus Usman episode 103.

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 103 Video

Watch Kurulus Osman preview here

Kurulus Osman appears to be stabbed by Oluf. This knife hit the Rajya Sabha and slipped through. Olaf is staying inside the Roman Empire at the stroke of a knife. Will Konur die in this episode? It is not possible to say whether it will survive. But according to historians, Kanur lived for a long time and ruled different kingdoms. So we also think Kanur will survive.

In the second part, Turgut Bey is arrested by Bengi Hatun, who is already seeking revenge on her husband. Osman Bey imprisoned his daughter and husband. The husband’s crime is still under trial, but Bengi Hatun’s daughter Alechek was arrested and punished for injuring Aktimur. However, the punishment has not yet been implemented. Meanwhile, a major battle between Oluf and Osman is about to take place. It is already seen in the new trailer.

Kurulus Osman 103 Video 

Let’s fully enjoy the 103rd episode and see what is actually going to happen. You can watch trailer 2 episode here. Also you can watch the 103rd episode of Osman with subtitles. Osman is now very popular in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh. Come on Kurulus. Enjoy the new episode of Osman.

Kurulus Osman is among the cast of the new season

Kurulus Osman (Season 4) is the 4th season of the Turkish-produced television series Kurulus Osman. Season 4 began airing on October 5, 2022 with its 99th episode. Hakan Yılmaz (Kantakuzenos), Nihat Altınkaya (Olof), İpek Karapınar (Frigg) and other actors were included in the cast of the new season of the series. Kurulus Osman is broadcast every Wednesday. I enjoy it.