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Commander Serkut was born and raised in Mongolia under the Mongol Empire. He later became a general and served under Viceroy Gaikhatu Khan in Anatolia. He also married Osman Bey’s cousin. Started serving under the Viceroy Gaykhatu Khan in Anatolia.

The fourth season of Kurlus Osman has started. In this season, interesting events are seen. Cerkutay and Ülgen are constantly having fun happenings with Ülgen and Cerkutay. Cerkutay is always crazy about food and can’t get his head right when he smells kitchen food. Meanwhile, Ülgen is taking over the kitchen.

Cerkotey Vs Ülgen funny Video Watch

Ülgen loves Cerkutay. You can enjoy the funny videos of both of them through the link here. Enjoy the video from the video provided. You will find every funny love story video here. Let’s enjoy the funny videos of both of us. Kurulus Osman season 4 every episode can be watched here.

Cerkotey Vs Ülgen Free funny Video Watch

Date of death: 1312
Place of birth: Mongolia
Date of birth: 1248
Marital status: Married Aygul Hatun (wife)

Cerkutay was a warrior born in Mongolia. Afterward, Bamsi was imprisoned and converted to Islam. In season 3 we saw Cerkutay marrying Osman bey’s cousin who is currently stationed as Osman’s loyal commander but at the last moment on the battlefield Osman bey’s cousin Aygul Hatun died and his wife Aygul Hatun (wife) was very disappointed by his death. Jai Osman Season 3.

Cerkotey Vs Ülgen Free funny Video Watch

Kurulus Osman Season 4 is introduced again in Cerkutay. Here, Ülgen and Cerkutay develop a good relationship with Alexa, who works in the kitchen and cooks for Osman’s family. Cerkutay is a man who repeatedly rushes to Ülgen at the smell of food. In the new episode we see season four Kurulus Osman and Ülgen forming a good friendship that Borhan resists. Meanwhile Cerkutay is deafened by a bomb blast. Now when Osman gives him instructions he starts to misunderstand. Although Borhan decides let us enjoy his funny videos and watch new episode season four Osman new episode.