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Akkiz was poisoned, he is recovering, he is fine. Akkiz, who saved Batuga in the 24 episode of the Destan to night 24 may 2022, which was met with excitement, was poisoned in the trap set! In this direction, Akkij and Batuga have expressed their love. Let’s see what happens in this new episode tonight

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“I was reborn to destroy the dog’s bloodline!”
The millennial reckoning begins again

Batuga, who started shaking hands at the end of Kam Archuray’s treatment, then opened his eyes and woke up to a new beginning. How will Batuga’s new life be different from the old one? Batuga, as if reborn, swears that he will fight the It baraks to save the Gök Khanate, but Akkız will be his ally on this path. Who will win the war between Gökhan and Itbaraks, who have faced each other in a great war for the first time since the Oğuz Kağan era? What surprise will determine the name of the end of the war? Can a double-headed wolf and its claws survive this life and death battle?

Destan Episode 24 Written Story

she-wolf in cage

Akkız, Yaman and Sarma, who took great risks to find the crown of Barak Khan, the ancestor of the Itbaraks, in order to save Batuga and the Gök Khanate; Wounded Gökben kept their house locked. Who would be the perfect name to save Akkız and her friends from this stress?

Batuga confessed his love to Akkız

Batuga and Akkız, who have had feelings for each other since their childhood, have come this close to being happy together for the first time despite all the troubles. What danger awaits the double-headed wolf and its claws, drunk with Batugar’s confession of love?

Kaya and Ober who made a game out of the game

Ober did not kill Alpagu without keeping his promise to Kaya, he kept it as leverage. Learning this, Keya goes to Ober’s tent to settle accounts with Ober. Alpagur, the witness in the next room, how will this showdown end? Who will be the winner of this game?

A Great Ece on the brink of death

When Great Is Vera learned from Ibec that Gunselli was not pregnant, she gave him a knife to commit suicide. Does the helpless Gunselli with a dagger in his hand love the dagger or does he care after learning the truth? How will Keya and Gunselli’s relationship be affected at the end of this whole process?

An inn caught between captivity and betrayal

When Alpagu learns that Ober and Keya made a deal while they were in captivity, what will Alpagu do in the face of his sons’ betrayal? Against which situation will Alpagu Khan take the first step? Captivity or treason?

Destan Episode 24 Watch Video

The trailer of Destan 24 episode drama series has already been enjoyed on  May 24, 2022, watch this episode on ATV channel on Tuesday May 24, 2022 at 8:00 PM, the next day after watching this episode in Urdu, Hindi, English subtitles and free and download Destan-20 May 24, 2022. Let’s enjoy this episode.

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Destan Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles. Most famous Turkish Series, Destan Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles will be released on May 24, 2022 on Atv while it will be available in Urdu Subtitles on May 24, 2022 at 20:00 local Pakistan time. you may download and watch destana Episode 24 series.

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You can also watch Destan Episode 24 in English Subtitles on our website, which will also released on May 24, 2022. And first relies turkish ATV channel on May 24 2022 . You may download this series and Watch online or YouTube channel.