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Who is Emanuela Samuel : Emanuela Samuel (born July 22, 2010), popularly known as Emanuela, is a YouTube child comedian on Mark Angel’s YouTube channel. Emanuela’s first appearance was in the 34th episode, titled “Who’s Mess?”

Emanuela entered comedy acting at the age of five. Mark Angel was in the village on a family vacation. She needed some kids for her comedy shoot, and called a few kids she knew for the audition, but they couldn’t memorize their lines. Meanwhile Emanuela met Angel for the audition then he went to Emanuela from the audition. Despite the eighteen-hour-long video shoot, the stunt he pulled to test the kids ’patience, Emanuela did well. After her election, Angel had to convince her parents that she would be part of the Mark Angel comedy team and get their approval. After that he became well known.

Emmanuella comedy Info

Est. Net Worth:$70,000 – $90,000 Us Dollars
Full NameEmmanuella Samuel
Age9 Years Old
Born22 July, 2010
StateIMO State
EducationBrighton Gate Academy School, Port Harcourt
Last UpdatedMay 2020

Emmanuella Net worth, Cars, Biography, Houses How She Became Popular

Emmanuella comedy Net Worth

Emmanuella Net worth, Cars, Biography, Houses How She Became Popular
Real nameEmanuella Samuel
Source of wealthActor, Endorsement, YouTuber
Net worth$150,000
ParentJames Samuel and Cynthia Samuel.

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Emmanuella Cars

Even though she is a young girl, Emanuela is ready to be a big girl. In February of this year, Emanuela re-posted her brand new Lexus LX570 SUV on her Instagram page.

Emmanuella Cars

The Lexus LX is a full-size luxury SUV that Lexus cars bought. It has been a luxury division of Toyota since January 1996. The name LX means “luxury crossover”. This model is powered by a 5.7-liter V8 that produces 383 hp and 403 ib-ft. Also, it is combined with 8-speed automatic transmission.

As luck would have it, there came a time when Mark Angel needed kids to perform in one of his skits. During the audition for Best Baby Use, she found out that most of the kids in attendance did not have the intelligence and intelligence she needed, as they were constantly forgetting their lines. When he invited Emanuela to audition for her role, Emanuela finished her audition with unabashed joy and did not forget her lines. During the eighteen hour long video shoot, Mark Angel noticed that Emanuela was resilient, able to perform well even under stress during the long video process.

Emmanuella’s first viral video skit is ‘This Is Not My Real face’. This comedy was extraordinarily ridiculous. If you want to see the skit then click on the link below, it’s very funny … hahahahaha. This skit automatically increased the number of followers of the Mark Angels comedy skit on YouTube and increased its social media presence. Currently, the YouTube channel has more than 5 million subscribers, he has more than 6.6 million followers on Facebook and more than a thousand followers on Instagram.MY REAL FACE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 48) - video Dailymotion

Other popular skits he has performed include; My uncle has HIV, April Fools, Magical Birth, Valentine Part 2, Change Part 2, School Protests and much more. On April 2, 2020, during the Covid-1 lockdown, Emanuela, Success, and Regina Daniels were spotted on her YouTube channel on a skit in Ofigo titled “Lockdown.”