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Euphoria Season 3 can’t be seen Barbie Ferreira HBO News

Barbie Ferreira leaves ‘Euphoria’: ‘I say goodbye in tears’ Euphoria fans shouldn’t expect to see Barbie Ferreira in the third season of the HBO series, as the actress has confirmed her exit on August 24. Barbie Ferreira says she will not return to “Euphoria” for a third season.
The actor announced his apparent departure via Instagram, writing in a story post:

Why Barbie Ferreira leaves

“After four years of portraying the most special and enigmatic character, Kat, it is with a very teary eye that I have to say goodbye,” reads fan art of her character’s cam-girl alter ego. Hope you enjoyed this character.

Barbie Ferreira says I hope many of you can see yourself in her. As I saw it and will enjoy watching his journey into the character he is today.

Besides “Euphoria,” Ferreira recently starred in the 2020 film “Pregnant” and Jordan Peele’s horror film “No.”

Euphoria’s Season 03 Coming

Previously  Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 resolved many of the biggest arcs on this hit HBO series watch this final episode to night online video HD, leaving things with a relatively clean canvas as we wait for Euphoria Season 3.

As of February 28, episode one of Euphoria season 02 Covid-19 delayed Euphoria season two’s release, so we’re expecting that if things run smoothly this year, we could see season three arrive as early as 2023.