[Live] Florida Governor Election Results 2022 All Governor List

Florida’s 47th gubernatorial election is being held today. This election is being held today on August 24. Now the voting is going on. Not knowing who will win today’s results and not knowing what powers Florida’s governor has.

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The Governor of Florida is the head of government of the U.S. state of Florida and the commander-in-chief of the state’s military. The governor is responsible for enforcing state laws and has the power to approve or veto bills passed by the Florida legislature, convene the legislature, and grant pardons except in cases of impeachment.

Ron DeSantis (Republican Party): Since 2019 -Running

Florida Governor Primary Election Results 2022

Rep. Charlie Crist is facing off against Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried in the Democratic primary to challenge Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. Mr. Crist, a former Republican, emphasized his moderate sincerity, while Ms. Fried portrayed his campaign as “something new.”

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Representative Charlie Crist, governor of Florida, will win the Democratic nomination and face Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in November.

Crist defeated Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried in the primary. He is a former Republican governor of the Sunshine State who switched parties and now serves as a Democrat in Congress.

Abortion emerged as a major issue in the Democratic primary, Fried’s campaign attacked Crist’s record on the issue, and Crist responded with a TV ad. The two Democrats spent much of the race taking shots at DeSantis.

Crist was elected governor as a Republican in 2006 and then ran for Senate as an independent in 2010, losing to Republican Marco Rubio. Crist then ran for governor in 2014 as a Democrat and lost to now-Sen. Rick Scott, a Republican. Crist won his House seat as a Democrat in 2016.

How is voting done in Florida?

Today, August 24, 2022, Florida is voting. Some states and some individual counties provide results broken down by type of ballot cast, which may include Election Day votes, or whether they are cast in person or by mail. Whenever that information is widely available in a state on election night.

Florida Democratic Primary Results 2022

Former Governors – Florida

Governor’s NameStateTime in OfficeParty
Gov. Charlie Crist Florida2022-Republican
Gov. Rick ScottFlorida2015 – 2019
2011 – 2015
Gov. Charlie CristFlorida2007 – 2011Republican
Gov. Jeb BushFlorida1999 – 2007Republican
Gov. Kenneth Hood MackayFlorida1998 – 1999Democratic
Gov. Lawton ChilesFlorida1991 – 1998Democratic
Gov. Robert MartinezFlorida1987 – 1991Democratic, Republican
Gov. Daniel Robert GrahamFlorida1979 – 1987Democratic
Gov. Reubin O’Donovan AskewFlorida1971 – 1979Democratic
Gov. Claude Roy KirkFlorida1967 – 1971Democratic, Republican
Gov. Haydon BurnsFlorida1965 – 1967Democratic
Gov. Cecil Farris BryantFlorida1961 – 1965Democratic
Gov. Thomas Leroy CollinsFlorida1955 – 1961Democratic
Gov. Charley Eugene JohnsFlorida1953 – 1955Democratic
Gov. Daniel Thomas McCartyFlorida1953 – 1953Democratic
Gov. Fuller WarrenFlorida1949 – 1953Democratic
Gov. Millard Fillmore CaldwellFlorida1945 – 1949Democratic
Gov. Spessard Lindsey HollandFlorida1941 – 1945Democratic
Gov. Frederick Preston ConeFlorida1937 – 1941Democratic
Gov. David SholtzFlorida1933 – 1937Democratic
Gov. Doyle Elam CarltonFlorida1929 – 1933Democratic
Gov. John Wellborn MartinFlorida1925 – 1929Democratic
Gov. Cary Augustus HardeeFlorida1921 – 1925Democratic
Gov. Sidney Johnston CattsFlorida1917 – 1921Democratic, Prohibition
Gov. Park TrammellFlorida1913 – 1917Democratic
Gov. Albert Waller GilchristFlorida1909 – 1913Democratic
Gov. Napoleon Bonaparte BrowardFlorida1905 – 1909Democratic
Gov. William Sherman JenningsFlorida1901 – 1905Democratic
Gov. William Dunnington BloxhamFlorida1897 – 1901
1881 – 1885
Gov. Henry Laurens MitchellFlorida1893 – 1897Democratic
Gov. Francis Philip FlemingFlorida1889 – 1893Democratic
Gov. Edward Alysworth PerryFlorida1885 – 1889Democratic
Gov. George Franklin DrewFlorida1877 – 1881Democratic
Gov. Marcellus Lovejoy StearnsFlorida1874 – 1877Republican
Gov. Ossian Bingley HartFlorida1873 – 1874Republican
Gov. Harrison ReedFlorida1868 – 1873Republican
Gov. David Shelby WalkerFlorida1865 – 1868Democratic
Gov. William MarvinFlorida1865 – 1865Provisional
Gov. Abraham Kurkindolle AllisonFlorida1865 – 1865Democratic
Gov. John MiltonFlorida1861 – 1865Democratic
Gov. Madison Starke PerryFlorida1857 – 1861Democratic
Gov. James Emilius BroomeFlorida1853 – 1857Democratic
Gov. Thomas BrownFlorida1849 – 1853Whig
Gov. William Dunn MoseleyFlorida1845 – 1849Democratic