Italy 0-3 Argentina Finalissima LIVE RESULT HD Highlight Image & Video

Italy vs Argentina Finalisima 2022 Highlights: Argentina Finalism won, Italy lost 3-0

Lautaro Martinez, Di Maria and Dybala net as Albiceleste run riot in Finalissima

Italy vs Argentina (ITA vs ARG) Finalisima 2022 Highlights: Messi got 2 assists like Lautaro Martinez, Angel Di Maria and Paolo DiBalla are on the scoresheet.

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Italy lost in ‘Finalisima’, lost to Argentina by 3 goals

Lautaro Martinez scored the first goal with an assist from Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria doubled the South Americans’ lead with a half-time stroke. Copa America winners beat European champions, with Paolo DiBalla scoring things in the final whistle.

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Italy vs Argentina (ITA vs ARG) The final match is easy for those who haven’t seen it. Won by a margin. The only talent of opener Lionel Messi left him behind to slot goalkeeper Gianluigi Donaruma in the 28th minute in the square of Giovanni de Lorenzo and Martinez.

In the first half, Martinez chipped Donaruma by threading De Maria’s pass in stoppage time, creating Giorgio Chiellini. The 37-year-old Italian captain has reached halfway through his 117th and final international appearance. In the fourth minute of stoppage time, Messi again won the game with an assist – this time the substitute Dibala was caught in the net.

The Italian classic meets the strict end

Giorgio Chiellini is not only an Italian legend, but a true master of the game of football.

Often adept at the ‘dark art’ of defense, he was an intelligent defender who could read the game and treat the opponent like no other.

His final and 117th Italian cap came as a disappointing result as Mancini replaced him at half-time and his side suffered a heavy 3-0 defeat in tonight’s final.

Messi can be a failure too

All the things that wow about this Argentina team seem to revolve around the magic men in their songs. There is no better player in the world when he is pulling strings and running towards the opponent. At 34, Scaloni’s fitness will be crucial in his hopes of winning a third FIFA World Cup.

A good relationship with PSG is needed to manage his playing time until the tournament and to ensure that players are not overused in the months leading up to the showpiece finals.