James New fully Song “I Love U” Watching Video & download Bashundhara Digital

Today relies I Love you song of James. Download this video Finally, after a decade, James’s new song ‘I Love You‘ is coming to night Chaad Raat. Nagarbaul James ‘I Love You’ for on-field fans: The decade-long wait is finally coming to an end for all Guru James Lovers । The night before this Eid Ul Fitr, 2022 new song will be fully released only on Bashundhara Digital! Enjoy James’s New Song Trailer until then.

James is going to get free tonight, so let’s see how many new songs you can easily download and watch this song, you can also watch the song online and click on the link given below.

James New Song “I Love You” Download video

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New Song ‘I Love You’ James Download

Nagarbaul James is bringing ‘Eid gifts’ for the fans. After a decade, he is appearing with his new song. The song will be released on this Eid moon.

The announcement was made in a poster posted on James’ Facebook page on Thursday.

It reads, “After a century, Guru James is back on the moon with a new song.” The recording and video of the song have already been made. In addition to singing this new song, James himself wrote and composed the melody.

New Song ‘I Love You’ James YouTube Video

Guru James will return to the song after a decade, and it will not create unrest in the media and the audience, it can not be. Because, he is the biggest model of Bengali rock music. The one who has been ruling this chapter for four decades is Daraja.

‘I Love You’ Nagarbaul James New Song Download

After the post, James’s fans became curious about the song. How will it be! What a melody!

The title of the song was announced on Friday amidst such curiosity of the fans. It’s called ‘I Love You’.

Echoes of which were heard on Friday (April 29) evening at an elite club in the capital. After a century, Nagarbaul James appeared in front of the media, talking, taking pictures openly. This is the first time in his four-decade career that he has answered so many questions from journalists. The name and identity of the new song.

James Audio New Song MP3 Watching

Regarding the song, James said, “After many days, I composed a new song. But this time the song selection is completely different. I composed the melody, melody and music of this song for my fans. Its content has found its place in the immense variety of love that fans have had for me on stage or everywhere for four decades. I sang this song for the fans and I am dedicating it to them. ‘

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It is learned that the video of the song ‘I Love You’ has been made by Shahriar Palak. James himself has acted in it. The song along with the music video will be released on Chandraya Bashundhara Digital YouTube channel.