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Kuruluş Osman is a Turkish TV series. This TV series is originally known as Turkish TV series. Currently, this TV series has started in a new way with season 5. Every episode is interesting. Episode 135 will air tonight at 8 PM Turkish time. Watch here. Hope new episode you can watch full video. Let us first watch this video. Hope you can watch the full video with subtitles from here. By watching this video today, you can understand what is happening in the upcoming episodes. Let’s watch the new video.

Kurulus Osman episode 135 Watch HD Video

Osman is an excellent series on the history of the Ottoman Empire, which is broadcast from Turkey by this TV channel. As you know it has already gained a lot of popularity in the Muslim countries of the subcontinent including India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 135, then we see that there are not many people in the central command, not many swords, so Connor asks what is going on, so he says that Yakub Bey inform the bosses that no one will help Osman Bey. When the discussion was going on, Muhammad b. The revolutionaries sent by go and say that we will fight with your relatives against the infidels and help you in every way. Connor then says that Osman Cove is coming, he will finish you off.

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Then we see the location of Rehan Bhai where he is searching for fortune but we also see Mohammad Bebe following him and silently watching him. Then Malhun Khatun comes to Yakub Bey’s market and is invited and joins Aladdin and Yakub Bey asks his daughter Gunja Khatun how Alauddin is and she says that he is very talented. What an underrate.

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Watch Subtitle English Video

Then Ohan Bey goes inside the cave in search of treasure and Mahmoud Bey and his soldiers are killed from behind by the Khalaf who silently follows them, he sees it all and hides inside the cave. Osman Strait is in the headwaters where Leif is being followed, then they see the dissidents and they ask what they are doing here, they are informed that it is the Arhan Narrows.

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Watch Subtitle Urdu Video

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Full HD Video

You will be able to see new interesting moments in each future step. Let’s easily watch Urdu, English subtitle videos from here. You can now watch the full video with subtitles on ATV. Watch videos with English meaning easily.

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Urdu Video