Kurulus Osman Season 5 Subtitle 142 HD Video Ustad Gera End

Kurulus: Osman Episode 142 Season 5 Kurulus Osman with his new episode on ATV new episode on Wednesday at 20.00. If you are waiting for Jatun episode then without delay watch Kurulus Osman Episode 142 Season 5 New Episode 27th December 2023. Let’s watch the new episode of Kurulus Osman. Kuruluş Osman new episode tonight at 20.00 on atv! Episode 142 will be airing tonight!

Kurulus Osman Episode 142 Season 5 HD Video Watch Now

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Kurulus Osman Episode 142 Urdu Subtitle Video Watch Now

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Orhan, Alauddin and Mehmet Bey new struggle;

Tonight will see Orhan, Alauddin and Mehmet Bey fight with all their might against the Martian Karaselasun. How Osman’s Bahini Shall Break Karaselasun’s Supremacy Then it can be said that Turkish men will win.

Watch video of Kurulus Osman’s moment of victory

Yakup Bey saw that it was the son Mehmet who fell into Karaselasun’s trap as a major weakness. How Yakup Bey will pay for this weakness will be seen tonight. Because many people have to die because of Mehmet Bey’s mistake. Osman Bey confronts Karaselasun to avenge his martyrs. The conflict between Osman Bay and Karaselasun seems to have weakened Karaselasun.

Master Gera’s true form is revealed

Osman Bey now asks Sultan Yakub Bey whether these arrows point to Ayhan Aga or not. How Osman Bey’s suspicions will lead Sultan Yaqub Bey to the truth. You will see how Master Gera’s true form will be revealed in tonight’s new episode.

Watch Kurulus Osman: How Master Gera Catches Video

Will everyone’s love succeed in Kurulus Osman’s season?

Gonka Hatun and Alauddin Bey face each other. But Alauddin did not give Gonka the expected answer. Alauddin does not trust Gonka. What will Alauddin do now? Will he be able to express his love to Ganga watch tonight video.

Watch Kurulus Osman’s new love video

Yakup Bey says that Holfi wants his son but his wife tells him to do what he wants. Holofira’s family will be invited to take his consent.

Meanwhile, Orhan gets angry when he learns that Mehmet went to ask for Holfira. What will Orhan do now, will he get Holofira as history will surely get. Watch the video.