Sangsad TV Primary School Live Class Routine 2022 – ঘরে বসে শিখি

Sangsad TV live class routine for primary school student in Bangladesh has been published today by the directory of primary education authority. Now this routine is available on this website. All New result authority also publish it on their valuable website content. You can easily collected from here. And this system is very easy than other system in Bangladesh. The authority of DPE has taken the decision for the Sangsad TV live class for children student in our country.

We all aware about the corona virus problem. This problem is very dangerous for the student in Bangladesh. So that for implementing the decision the authority have reached Sangsad TV Live Class Program. On the other hand for class 6 to 10 student this program has been started from 27 March 2020.

By following this program the authority take only the academic activities which is can help the student a lot to improve their study. From this life class student can also attend the important classes only. The teachers also will give some suggestion for the student. They will discuss about this important topic on this life class.

After finish their daily classes the teachers will give some homework for the student. Student solve this homework on their home during the vacation And they will present this home to the school teachers when the school will open.

Primary School Online Class Notice

Primary School online class notice has been published 5 April 2020. The new notice the student will attend their online classes from 7 April. The authority does not provide any other new notice to finish the classes. All the practice work in the classroom has closed due to the Corona Virus epidemic in all over the world. That is why the authority takes the decision alternative process to continue their classes.

Attend the online classes is today and mast collect their class routine from our website. This TV is the property of Bangladesh government. And that is why they can arrange this program on their television without any cost.

Student can download their routine from below picture. For helping the student only We have uploaded a JPG format routine. The Guardian also can collect it from here. We also uploaded a PDF file for the student. So now Both format is available on our website.

Sangsad TV Live Class Routine 2020 For Primary School

Sangsad TV live class routine for primary school has uploaded on this article. Here we are discussing about this matter details for the student in Bangladesh. For acknowledgement the student the choice they have reached in their classes on TV. This classes will present only the student who are in class 1 to 5.

Similarly the scholar exercise at the destructive Foundation. The teacher who will take this class they are also expert in this subject only. All the classes in the study hall has suspend because of the problem in Bangladesh.

The training For the online classes has given by the directory of primary education authority among the teachers who will take this classes. They are also skilled but they have not any experience about this online classes.

DPE Online Classes Routine 2020

Primary School online classes started from 7 April 2020 according to the new notice of DPE authority. The new notice says that the update classes will take only online. The most Significant is that online classes on only five for everyday.

The student are requested to attend this classes from their home only. During this corona virus in all over the world. The student cannot go out their home and also does not attend the school class.

This class schedule is from class one, two, three, four and five only. And the authority given a name for this classes is Amar Ghore Amar School. If any student miss a class they also will attend this class again of the day.

Sangsad TV Live Class Routine For Class 1-5 Download

Sangsad TV live class only for the primary level student in Bangladesh is available on this post. According to the routine of the online classes, the classes will start from 2:00 p.m. And it will close on 4:00 p.m. In a day the television will broadcast 6 classes on during this time.

The Sangsad TV is now very popular among the primary level to Class 9 student in our country. Primary level and also secondary level classes are now taking on this TV display. So that every students now sit in-front on this TV.

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