Miray Akay। Alçiçek Tonight Interview Love Aktemur Kurulus Osman 104 Video

If you were in Aye Hatun’s place, how would you react to the love of Aktemur & Alçiçek  Osmani family? Will you be an obstacle? / What would you support? Kurulus Osman arrives on ATV on Wednesday at 20.00 with the exciting, breathtaking 104th episode! Bozdag Film ATV.

Alçiçek Interview Live

Alçiçek’s interview will be published tonight The interview will be published at 8:00 pm Turkish time. This is basically done since Kurlus Osman’s .104th episode in front. Aktemur & Alçiçek will have a final decision. Are Aktemur & Alçiçek going to get married? The love between the two has already gone a long way. The biggest obstacle about Aktemur & Alçiçek is Bengi Hatun and Ayesha Hatun. Miray Akay, an actress named Alçiçek, will share her experience with both of them not accepting this love relationship.

Aktemur & Alçiçek Relationship

You can watch this video directly from our channel. Would you accept this relationship if you lived in these parents’ place?

Let us watch today’s video to know what is happening in the 104th episode of Kurulus Osman from the interview. We will discuss a few facts here and then give our opinion about the Aktemur & Alçiçek relationship.

Aktemur & Alçiçek Love

Alçiçek’s is the daughter of Bengi Hatun. Bengi Hatun was a claimant to an area in the Ottoman Empire. Bengi Hatun’s husband’s name is Oketimur. They were going to live in this area at the invitation of Osman. In a bazaar, a shop owner Bengi Hatun and Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun gave them the shop in a corner and got into an argument. A contest ensued between Aktaimur and Alçiçek’s after Alçiçek’s realized his mistake. This is how the relationship between Alçiçek’s and Aktaimu was formed.

Aktemur & Alçiçek Love Video

Season 4 of Kurulus Osman sees the enemy attack Frigg and blame it on Aktimur and Alçiçek’s. On the other hand, Osman arrested Alçiçek’s father for theft. It was later proven that Alçiçek’s and his father were innocent. Ayesha Khatun, the mother of Aktaimu and Bengi Hatun, the mother of Alçiçek’s, had a heated debate about the relationship after her daughter’s relationship became known.

Episode 104 of Kurulus Osman will be seen maybe the two will get married or there is a possibility of breaking the marriage. It will be resolved through Osman.

Watch Alçiçek’s today’s video.

Alçiçek’s will give an interview today. This interview will be published on online TV. Also may be published from our channel. Through this interview it is revealed that will marry or reject?

Let’s watch the full video live