World Cup 2022 Final Draw: Group Wise Fixture, Time, Point Table

Today is November 20, 2022 at 8:30 pm Qatar time so the FIFA World Cup 2022 table draw is being held. Today’s program will show when a team will play and which team will play.

After that it has already started. Let’s watch the program live and don’t know which team will play in which group. Click on the link given below for details.

[Live Online Stream] FIFA Football World Cup Qatar Opening Ceremony 20 Nov 2022

Today 1st Match QATAR Vs Equator  Watch Live

World Cup 2022 draw: headlines

– 29 of the 32 participants are known going into the draw

– Former WC winners Cafu and Lothar Matthäus set to assist with draw

  • The competition starts on 21 November 2022 with the final scheduled for 18 December 2022

Fifa World Cup 2022 Final draw

2022 FIFA World Cup tonight will Draw final fixture table

The final draw is scheduled to take place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center in Doha, Qatar, on 1 April 2022, 20:00 AST, prior to the completion of qualification.

The two winners of the inter-confederation play-offs and the winner of the Path A of the UEFA play-offs will not be known at the time of the draw. For the draw, the 32 teams will be allocated to four pots based on the FIFA World Rankings of 31 March 2022.

Pot 1 will contain the hosts Qatar (who were automatically assigned to position A1) and the best 7 teams.

Pot 2 will contain the next best 8 teams,
Pot 2 will contain the next best 8 teams

Pot 4 will contain the 5 lowest-ranked teams, along with the placeholders for the two inter-confederation play-off winners and the UEFA Path A play-off winner.

Teams from the same confederation cannot be drawn into the same group except for UEFA teams, for which there will be at least one and no more than two per group.

This principle will also apply to the placeholder teams, with constraints applying based on the confederation of both potential winners of each play-off tie.

The draw will start with pot 1 and end with pot 4, with each team selected then allocated into the first available group alphabetically. The position for the team within the group will then be drawn (for the purpose of the match schedule), with the pot 1 teams automatically drawn into position 1 of each group.

The pots for the draw are shown below

 Pot 1: Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, England, France, Portugal, Qatar, Spain

– Pot 2: Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, Switzerland, Uruguay, US

– Pot 3: Iran, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Senegal, Serbia, South Korea, Tunisia

 Pot 4: Cameroon, Canada, Ecuador, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine/Scotland/Wales, Peru/Australia/UAE, Costa Rica/New Zealand

Here’s the full list of FIFA World Cup 2022 fixtures and timings (IST)

1November 21A1 vs A23.30 pmAl Bayat Stadium
3November 21A3 vs A49:30 pmKhalifa International Stadium
2November 21B1 vs B26:30 pmAl Thumama Stadium
4November 22B3 vs B400:30 amAl Rayyan Stadium
8November 23C1 vs C200:30 amLusail Stadium
7November 22C3 vs C49:30 pmRas Abu Aboud Stadium
6November 22D1 vs D26:30 pmEducation City Stadium
5November 22D3 vs D43:30 pmAl Janoub Stadium
12November 23E1 vs E23.30 pmAl Bayat Stadium
11November 23E3 vs E49:30 pmKhalifa International Stadium
10November 23F1 vs F26:30 pmAl Thumama Stadium
9November 24F3 vs F400:30 amAl Rayyan Stadium
16November 25G1 vs G200:30 amLusail Stadium
15November 24G3 vs G49:30 pmRas Abu Aboud Stadium
14November 24H1 vs H26:30 pmEducation City Stadium
13November 24H3 vs H43.30 pmAl Janoub Stadium
20November 25B1 vs B33.30 pmAl Bayat Stadium
19November 25B4 vs B29:30 pmKhalifa International Stadium
18November 25A1 vs A36:30 pmAl Thumama Stadium
17November 26A4 vs A200:30 amAl Rayyan Stadium
24November 27D1 vs D300:30 amLusail Stadium
23November 26D4 vs D29:30 pmRas Abu Aboud Stadium
22November 26C1 vs C36:30 pmEducation City Stadium
21November 26C4 vs C23.30 pmAl Janoub Stadium
28November 27F1 vs F33.30 pmAl Bayat Stadium
27November 27F4 vs F29:30 pmKhalifa International Stadium
26November 27E1 vs E36:30 pmAl Thumama Stadium
25November 28E4 vs E200:30 amAl Rayyan Stadium
32November 29H1 vs H300:30 amLusail Stadium
31November 28H4 vs H29:30 pmRas Abu Aboud Stadium
30November 28G1 vs G36:30 pmEducation City Stadium
29November 28G4 vs G23.30 pmAl Janoub Stadium
36November 29A4 vs A13.30 pmAl Bayat Stadium
35November 29A2 vs A39:30 pmKhalifa International Stadium
34November 29B4 vs B16:30 pmAl Thumama Stadium
33November 30B2 vs B300:30 amAl Rayyan Stadium
40December 1C4 vs C100:30 amLusail Stadium
39November 30C2 vs C39:30 pmRas Abu Aboud Stadium
38November 30D4 vs D16:30 pmEducation City Stadium
37November 30D2 vs D33.30 pmAl Janoub Stadium
44December 1E4 vs E13.30 pmAl Bayat Stadium
43December 1E2 vs E39:30 pmKhalifa International Stadium
42December 1F4 vs F16:30 pmAl Thumama Stadium
41December 2F2 vs F300:30 amAl Rayyan Stadium
48December 3G4 vs G100:30 amLusail Stadium
47December 2G2 vs G39:30 pmRas Abu Aboud Stadium
46December 2H4 vs H16:30 pmEducation City Stadium
45December 2H2 vs H33.30 pmAl Janoub Stadium


49December 31A vs 2B8:30 pmKhalifa International Stadium
50December 41C vs 2D00:30 amAl Rayyan Stadium
51December 51B vs 2A00:30 amAl Bayat Stadium
52December 41D vs 2C8:30 pmAl Thumama Stadium
54December 61G vs 2H00:30 amRas Abu Aboud Stadium
53December 51E vs 2F8:30 pmAl Janoub Stadium
56December 71H vs 2G00:30 amLusail Stadium
55December 61F vs 2E8:30 pmEducation City Stadium


57December 10

W49 vs W50

00:30 amLusail Stadium
58December 9

W53 vs W54

8:30 pmEducation City Stadium
59December 11

W51 vs W52

00:30 amAl Bayat Stadium
60December 10

W55 vs W56

8:30 pmAl Thumama Stadium


61December 14W57 vs W5800:30 amLusail Stadium
62December 15W59 vs W6000:30 amAl Bayat Stadium


63December 17L61 vs L628:30 pmKhalifa International Stadium


64December 18W61 vs W628:30 pmLusail Stadium