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Kurulus Osman 101. Episode Introduction With the exciting new episode of Kurulus Osman on atv 19 October 2022 Wednesday 20.00 you will see Osman Bey looking for the enemies behind his 2 sons Orhan and Alauddin. Farigi has already lost Alauddin. Osman will conduct raids in different places.

Fire of revenge in Mr Osman’s eyes! – Establishment Osman 101. Chapter Ottomans  The Establishment Ottoman

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“If one hair of my son Alauddin is lost, I will cut you all to the ground!”

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Alauddin life story

Alauddin Bey was one of the sons of Osman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. His mother Rabia Bala Hatun.

According to tradition and Ottoman chronicles presented by historian Idris Bitlisi, Alauddin was more passive than his warrior brother and thus stayed at home and received training in managing state affairs.
When Osman Bey’s children held a meeting, according to tradition, Shehzade Orhan recommended his brother Shehzade Alauddin to become Bey. But Alauddin did not accept it and said that he thought his brother Orhan was suitable for the throne of the kingdom and Orhan ascended the throne.

Although Alauddin Bey abdicated and preferred to work as a dervish in a dervish lodge in the village of Fodra, he accepted the duties of vizier at the invitation of Orhan Bey.

While Orhan Gazi was busy with conquests, Alauddin worked on administrative reorganization as the first vizier of the Ottoman Empire.
He is the first member of the dynasty to use the title “Pasha”. Alauddin seems to have led a very pious, quiet life. He built several mosques.
After his death, his children and grandchildren were honored by the Sultanate, and his charitable works and foundations were carried on by his descendants.

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