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Kurulus Osman Episode 101 (Season 4 Episode 3) with Urdu, English and Spanish Subtitle  – Watch or watch Live TV Series Kuruls Osman Episode 101 Urdu Subtitles (Kuruls Osman Season 4 Episode 3) . Kuruluos Osman episode 101 trailer with English, Spanish and Urdu subtitles is also available here. Kurulus Osman Episode 101 Release Date Tonight Wednesday, 19th October 2022. Live Streaming Watch Now Online OTT Platform with English Subtitle and Urdu Tv Geo Entertainment Watch Now.  اردو ٹی وی جیو انٹرٹینمنٹ ابھی دیکھیں

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Who killed the emperor Roman ! Kantakuzenos’ offer to Mr. Osman for unity. The goal of Kantakuzenos is to destroy Yenisehir! Fire of revenge in Mr Osman’s eyes fight for Alauddin! Our martyrs are being brought to oba. Bengi Hatun blames Osman Bey. Olof and Frig start a war in Yenişehir!  Danger awaits the Malhun Hatun. The arena is ours, release the Turk’s arrows! Big game set up at Öktem Bey Obasi!

“I tremble when I look into your eyes! ” My attitude
I tremble when I look into your eyes!

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Olof and Frig start a war in Yenişehir! – Kurulus Osman 101. Chapter

Bengi Hatun blames Osman Bey… – Establishment Osman 101. Chapter  Ottomans  The Establishment Ottoman
Osman Bey faced Olof! Click to watch new episode of Kurulus Osman Live . Who killed the emperor! – Kurulus Osman 101. Chapter Ottomans

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Kuruluş Osman episode will be broadcast in Turkish on ATV channel. Kuruluş Osman episode live streaming in Turkish can be achieved by clicking here. Those who understand Turkish can watch Kuruluş Osman episode by clicking here but ATV YouTube channel uploads the episode later.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 101 Summary

In Kurulus Osman episode 101, the Wolofs and the Vikings enter the village dressed as Turks, though Frigg enters first and takes Alauddin away. The people living in the village think the Turks are coming. Olof suddenly attacked the Christian people and killed everyone there. Orhan goes to the forest to hunt with his soldiers. Viking spies waited for the right time to capture Orhan. Kantakouzenos felt that he would have the support of the Pope and went to speak with the Emperor.

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Soldiers from Batur and border regions witnessed massacres in villages. Olof comes out of his hiding place and says that the Turks are responsible for this massacre. Batur was martyred when the Vikings attacked. As Orhan hunts, the spies begin to attack. Dan catches Orhan shortly and says he will kill him. Osman saw the dead Turks in the forest and started looking for Orhan. Finally Orhan was rescued.

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As Oluf and Osman leave, Osman enters the fence and kills innocent villagers. Eventually, Oluf and Osman fight, but Kantakuzenos interrupts the fight. Anyway, this TV series is progressing one after another. Osman Bey is trying hard to rescue Alauddin.

Meanwhile, new news came through Konur Bay that there was a plot to poison the Roman emperor. Kantakuzenos is involved in this conspiracy to come to power. So Oluf united with and declared war against the emperor. When osman listens there is a fierce battle to rescue the emperor and osman will win the battle let’s watch today’s full episode so we can understand what is going to happen tonight’s episode enjoy you can watch us directly from this live Kurulu’s Osman’s 101st episode