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We are very happy to announce that Season 4 of Kurulus Osman is starting from 5th October 2022. For update new visit regularly.  It has already been announced when Kurulus Osman Season 4 will start October 1st week Inshallah. The people of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Turkmenistan are eagerly waiting for the new episode of Season 4. for update news visit this site for kurulus osman latest news update. You may watch subtitle video Urdu, Hindi, English, Bangla, Turkmen, Turkey with others language.

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Kuruluş: Osman: Season 4 Episode 99, 100, 101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110 Watch Full HD Video With Subtitle Click Here

New enemies , New targets Kuruluş Osman 99 is full of excitement. Tonight with its episode at 20.00 on . Live Watch

“The enemy is different. Their weapons are different but I will root them out! ” Osman Bey awaits great danger in Constantinople! Here is Usman’s video from the new episode and episode synopsis…

“Have a good and fruitful week” Kurulus Family

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Oct 05, 2022 Season 04 ,  Episode 99 (S4:E1)  Download  HD Video Watch Online
Oct 12, 2022 Season 04 ,  Episode 100 (S4:E2)  Download  HD Video Watch Online
Oct 19, 2022 Season 04 ,  Episode 101 (S4:E3)  Download  HD Video Watch Online
Oct 26, 2022 Season 04 ,  Episode 102 (S4:E4)  Download  HD Video Watch Online
Nov 2, 2022 Season 04 ,  Episode 103 (S4:E5) Download  HD Video Watch Online
Nov 09, 2022 Season 04 ,  Episode 104 (S4:E6) Download  HD Video Watch Online
Nov 16 2022 Season 04 ,  Episode 105 (S4:E7) Download  HD Video Watch Online

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Kurulus Osman: He will light the fire of dom with his coal-black eyes. His name was Osman, the son of Ertuğrul Gazi… It was “love” that guided him through the darkness… In a land drenched in blood and tears, reaped like the harvest of the sky; He dreamed of a nation who would cross seven heavens, seven earths, mountains and seas with “love”.

Kuruluş Osman 4. First Look at the Season New season on Wednesday, October 5th at 20.00 on Atv!

Who is associated with Kurulus Osman TV series

Production: Bozdag Films
Producer: Mehmet Bozdag
Director: Ahmet Yilmaz

Screenplay: Mehmet Bozdag, Isa Yildiz, Mehmet Ilker Altin, Asli Jenep Pekar Bozdag, Mert Özel, Fatmanur Guldali, Ali Ozan Salkim, Abdul Kadir Iltar

Cast: Burak Özcivit (Osman), Yıldız Çagari Atiksoy (Malhun), Serhat Kilic (Koses), Seda Yıldız (Edebali), Ozge Torer (Bala), Çağrı Şorçi Sanbasi (Yansoy), Emin Gürsoy (Kumral) Abdal), Acelya Özcan (Ayşe), Fatih Ayhan (Baysungur), Ömer Agan (Saltuk), Ahmet Kaynak (Bahadır), Can Bartu Aslan (Aktemur).

Preview- Kurulus Osman Season 4 Returns On October 5th Watch Now Click Here

“The enemy is different. Their weapons are also different, but I will destroy them!”

‘Organization Osman’ will bring the frightening struggle of Osman Bey, who has turned his direction to Bursa and Istanbul in a way that will change the rules of the game in the fourth season. Episode 99 Watch Now.

ATV Kuruluş Osman 99.Bölüm HD Video

Kuruluş Osman 4. Sezon 1. Tanıtımı Bu Akşam Yayında!

Kurulus Osman season 4 Trailer was supposed to be released on Saturday, but due to the delay in the shooting of some scenes, the trailer was not released! Will notify if there is any update. Photo – From the shooting spot of season 4

Update News:  Kurulu’s Osman Season 4 ATV New Season Preview: This Season We Are Coming Fire Again, Focus ATV…

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Coming 5th October 2022! Although there is such news officially, according to the information available from various media, it can be estimated that the release date of Kurulus Usman Season 4 is October 5th. A promo is already out. The new look revealed in the new episode. Kurulus  Osman 4 1st trailer release on 26 September 2022.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Schedule

The 99th episode of Kurulus Osman will be aired on Wednesday, October 1st week, 2022 at 8:00 pm trailer relies and 5th October 2022 published 99 episode of kurulus Osman season 4. However, season 4 will start with the 99th episode. Earlier, season 3 ended in the 98th episode. Season 4 is starting in a new way with some days off. This season will end on 14th October 2023 and Kurulus Osman will end with 137th episode. There will be a total of 35nos episodes in season 4 of Kurulus Osman.

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Who will be seen in the new season

Kurulus Osman (Season 4) is the fourth season of the Turkish-made television series Kurulus Osman. Let’s not know who will act this season.

kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 99 atv Watching Live

The cast of the new season of the series includes Serhat Kılıç (Mikhael Kosses), Rüzgar Aksoy (Turgut Bey), Yıldıray Şahinler (Rogatus Laskaris) and other actors. Also this season of the series, Maruf Otajonov (Geyhatu) and Şener Savaş (Sultan Mesut; as guest actor) re-enter the cast.

kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 99 atv Watching Live

Kuruls Osman Season 4 Trailer

Kuruls Osman is watching under this link for season 4 of the new episode, already full season 3 including 98 episodes on 15th June 2022.

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Trailer Video Season 4

Kurulus Osman سیزن 4 نئی قسط 99 اردو سب ٹائٹلز!

الپس! ہم بصرہ لے جائیں گے! کرولس عثمان بدھ کو 20.00 بجے سیزن 4 کی نئی قسط 99 کے ساتھ ATV پر ہوں گے!

New Episode 99 atv Watching Video

“Alplar! Bosra alacağız!” Kuruluş Osman sezon New Çarşamba 20.00’de atv’de!

Kurulus Osman is the last part of season 3

Osman Bay is once again embroiled in a feud with his old enemy, Tekfur Aya Nikola, who is aided by a Catalan company that includes Diego and leader Anselmo. Osman Bay was finally able to defeat the Catalans. Tekfur wants to marry nanny Nicola Marie [Mikhail Kosses’ sister] who falls in love with Turgut Bay instead. He forcibly fled the alliance and soon married Turgut Beck with the blessing of his brother.

Later, Osman Bay and Bala Hatun blessed a baby boy named Alauddin Ali. A huge banquet was held to celebrate this joyous occasion. Meanwhile, Osman and his Alps brought both Alemshah and Gehatu to their tribe to hold them accountable for their deeds, and Alemshah was executed by Osman despite the disapproval of Sultan Mesud.

Kurulus Osman Episode 98 Season 3 Watching Video

Later, Maryam Hatun (Marie), the pregnant wife of Turgut Bay, died of poisoning and came under suspicion for Gunduz Bay. Osman, determined to harm his people in order to prove his brother’s innocence, faced many obstacles in the face of a new enemy and his plans to form a future state. He successfully conquered Ingol and Yenisehir but was tragically martyred among his close ones including his elder brother Gunduz, his adoptive mother Selkan and his cousin Aigul.