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Kurulus Osman is a Turkish historical drama series season 4 episode 103 you can watch live. The event began directly with the Great War, the traditional battle between the Romans and the Ottomans, and the direct confrontation between the Oluf and the Ottomans. Let us enjoy today’s 102nd. Visit here to watch directly. You can watch the full video here. Click here to watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 and Episode 4 (102).

Is the Actemur dead? – Kurulus Osman 103 Trailer.

“The hand you stretched out for peace smelled of innocent people’s blood! “Osman Bay
“You want to shake hands with me for peace but your hands smell of innocent people’s blood!” Osman told to Olup

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A historical epic in the largest production of Turkish drama, it presents the biography of Osman bin Ertuğrul, his wars against the Mongols in the East and the Byzantines in the West, the weakness and success of the state, the betrayal of relatives and his biography. The way the struggle and its warriors lay down their lives one by one. This epic is made in this way. Let us enjoy this epic.

“Oh, the Gypsum! How you slaughter the young boy! ” Frigg
“How could you do this to him?”

Kurulus Osman TV series: Live

Kurulus Osman is among the cast of the new season

Kurulus Osman (Season 4) is the 4th season of the Turkish-produced television series Kurulus Osman. Season 4 began airing on October 5, 2022 with its 99th episode. Hakan Yılmaz (Kantakuzenos), Nihat Altınkaya (Olof), İpek Karapınar (Frigg) and other actors were included in the cast of the new season of the series. Kurulus Osman is broadcast every Wednesday. I enjoy it.

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Kurulus Osman is among the cast of the New season

Kurulus Osman TV series program has received great response in Turkey. Kurulus Osman attracted record viewers on ATV, in its fourth weekend of broadcast, the 4th episode of the series recorded a nationwide rating of 14.46. Mehmet Bozdag claims that the show has also been a great success in Albania, where it is called Osmani, and says it is the “most watched TV show” in the country. In January 2021, the show, which was one of Turkey’s most popular shows, began airing in the Middle East on Noor Play.

The show has been very successful in Pakistan. It is currently broadcast in Urdu on Jio Entertainment as well as on Urdu TV. Episode 59 broke viewership records in Pakistan. After the series became a massive hit, Pakistan National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser visited the sets to witness the shooting of the series. He also met leading actor, Burak Özçivit. After Kurulu’s Osman Bamsi died, Pakistani fans broke down in tears and paid tributes to the play.

Kurulus Osman TV series: Live