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kurulus osman episode 137 tonight from ATv and by tomorrow morning you can watch the full video with subtitle Urdu, Bangla and English subtitle video.. Let’s watch Kurulus Osman episode 137 today’s video and enjoy the interesting moments Kurulus Osman season 5 is aired every Wednesday at 8 pm on Turkish Tv ATV and 10 pm Pakistan time. Let’s enjoy today’s new episode from here.

Kurulus Osman Episode 137 HD Video

“I reclaim my devotion!”

When Osman Bey and Yakup Bey discover that their children have been taken hostage in Kestel, they go to Tekfuru’s central command. Kestel Tekfuru requests their lost palaces from Osman and Yakup in exchange for Orhan and Mehmet. Yakup Bey palaces are keen to exchange the boys but Osman Bey goes against it.

Osman Bey wisely kept a cool head “where a Turk goes to his country.” He wants to take Orhan and Mehmet and defeat Kestel.

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Is the smell going to bed between Yakup Bay and Osman Bay

Yakup Bey held Osman responsible for the imprisonment of his son Mehmet. “To start, look for tricks in your castle,” he says. Where will the developing pressure between Osman Bay and Yakup Bay lead?

Alauddin Malhun gives Hatun new insight into finding the impostor in the fort. He said the cheaters are fake. But Vasilis is behind this issue? We think Yakub Bey is playing a new game. What is the explanation of Halfira’s injustice? Let’s see if Holophira can be freed from the bondage.

Kurulus Osman 137 Episode English Subtitle Video

Orhan Bey and Mehmet Bey are tormented in Kestel Palace. Do they realize that Gera is the power expert behind Tekfur Makranos?

Fight Bala Hatun and Sadet Hatun

Bala Hatun and Sadet Hatun have been seen to intertwine with each other. Bala Hatun says they will not surrender the palaces and throws Sadet Hatun and Gonka Hatun in prison. Presently every rope is broken.

Yakup Bay finds a place at the table of understanding. Will he give the palace to Tekfura regardless of Osman Bey? What will Osman Bey do now? Watch full video

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