Kurulus Osman (102) Episode 4 Season 4 Trailer- Urdu Tv Subtitles Video Watch

Kurulus Osman 102nd episode trailer is already released. If you are Pakistani and urdu is the language. Then you can watch 102nd Parbe subtitle in Urdu from here. You can watch excellent Season 4 and Episode 4 1st Trailer today with Urdu, English subtitles. What will happen today will be the revenge of the great emperor’s murder. In the last episode, Samrat ended up taking revenge for his murder. Uluf may be killed today and who will be installed in the seat of the emperor or Osman will be seen in the new episode. Let’s enjoy this new episode.

 Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 4 Urdu  Watch Live

“This land you are trying to enter is full of carcasses of your kind! ” These lands that you are trying to enter are full of corpses of people like you! Kurulus Osman 102. Episode Introduction

 Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 4 Urdu Preview

Who killed the emperor Roman ! Kantakuzenos’ offer to Mr. Osman for unity. The goal of Kantakuzenos is to destroy Yenisehir! Fire of revenge in Mr Osman’s eyes fight for Alauddin! Our martyrs are being brought to oba. Bengi Hatun blames Osman Bey. Olof and Frig start a war in Yenişehir!  Danger awaits the Malhun Hatun. The arena is ours, release the Turk’s arrows! Big game set up at Öktem Bey Obasi!

“I tremble when I look into your eyes! ” My attitude
I tremble when I look into your eyes!

 Kurulus Osman 102 Watch Live

If we say that the way to Ergutay’s heart goes through his stomach