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Kurulus Osman’s new episode 106 today Click to see now. You are watching the new episode of Kurulus Osman. Osman is now coming up with a new plan. New areas will be conquered. Watch New Episode 106. Watch Urdu, Hindi and English with subtitles. Watch today’s new episode easily.

Kurulus Osman New Episode 106 Video Live

Osman Bey burned all the ships. Anyone who stands before him will perish. Nothing can stop Osman Bay! He is determined to conquer Kopruhisa.

For this purpose he established the karargahı karargahı work continues at full speed, how the karargahı presence will resonate in the enemy front? Will Olof and his men come up with a plan to destroy the karargahı?

What will happen to Aktemur and Alcisek’s love?

In Aktemur and Alcisek’s love, Beindi’s obstacle appears. Bayındır will want Alçiçek for himself. Alçiçek is crying a lot for this.

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Hearing this Aktemur Bay will do now? Osman Bey will ask Alsacek to Aktemur. Ismihan advises Bayındır of Sultan’s new plan to propose marriage to Alçiçek. Can Ismihan Sultan stop Alchisek and Aktemur’s love?

Ismihan Sultan’s new plan to form a new alliance?

Ismihan Sultan was annoyed by Osman’s successive victories. Osman became enmity with Ismihan Sultan. Ismihan Sultan “You all know the end of this rebellion.” How will the fire of rebellion that has spread over Osman Bey affect it? Ismihan would form a new alliance with Sultan Osman Bey’s archenemy. Let us enjoy new episode 106 today.

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What will be the tension between Osman Bay and Turgut Bay?

Turgut Bey would unite with Ismihan Sultan and stand against Osman. Osman has a new plan. Keeping Turgut Bey away, trying to identify the enemy. Will he bring the catapults to Osman Bai or betray him? Where will the tension between Osman Bay and Turgut Bay lead?

What great danger awaits Osman Bey as Osman Bey continues to prepare for conquest.

Kurulus Osman Episode 106 Release Date and Time:

 Pakistan 23rd Nov 22 10:00 PM
 India 23rd Nov 22 10:30 PM
 US 23rd Nov 22 1:00 AM
 UK 23rd Nov 22 6:00 PM
turkey Turkey 23rd Nov 22 8:00 PM
 UAE 23rd Nov 22 9:00 PM
 KSA 23rd Nov 22 8:00 PM

Kurulus Osman 106 Watch Full Video Subtitle

Kuruluş Osman her Çarşamba atv’de! Kuruluş Osman 106. Bölüm Fragmanı Yeni bölüm Çarşamba 20.00’de atv’de!

Kuruluş Osman 106. قسط سیز4. – تازہ ترین ویڈیو رات تک مزہ آیا یہ ویڈیو صرف ATV اور آن لائن براڈکاسٹنگ سائٹ دیکھیں آئیے دیکھیں

آج کا قرولس عثمان 106 ایپی سوڈ اولوف اور عثمان بے کے ساتھ زبردست جنگ ہونے والا ہے۔ کنور ممکنہ طور پر اس جنگ میں مر سکتا ہے۔ آئیے دیکھتے ہیں آج کی پھول کی ویڈیو۔ ترگت بے کو بھی بنگی ہاتون کے ذریعے قید کیا جائے گا۔ ایچ ڈی ویڈیو

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