Medical Admission time schedule with Apply 2023-24

Today Medical Admission 2024 Circular has been publish.  Exam will be held on 2 February and Dental Admission Exam will be held on 22nd April 2024. The official notification has not been released yet. Medical admission application starts from January 2024. The results of Medical Admission 2022 will be published 5-6 days after the admission test. Medical admission test will be held simultaneously across the country.

The total number of seats in all Govt medical is 4350

There have been a number of changes in the medical application process this year. Many people want to know what has changed.

This year very little time has been given for application only 10 days, besides this year the college code of Abedon has been changed as before it was number one in Dhaka Medical College but this year it has been changed to number 19.

Medical Admission 2024 Seat Plan

Admission test for 2021-22 medical students will be held on April 1 from 10 am to 11 am. Admission tickets for this exam and seat plan have already been published today. So click on the link below to download your seat plan and admission and collect your admission

Find out about Medical Admission 2024 [Latest Update News]

The Department of Health Education, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, conducts MBBS 1st year admission test in public-private medical colleges.

মেডিকেল ভর্তি পরীক্ষা ১লা এপ্রিল 2024
ডেন্টাল ভর্তি পরীক্ষা 22শে এপ্রিল 2024
এমবিবিএস আবেদন শুরুর তারিখ ২৮ ফেব্রুয়ারি 2024
MBBS আবেদনের শেষ তারিখ১০ মার্চ 2024
পেমেন্ট বা আবেদনের শেষ তারিখ১১ মার্চ 2024
এমবিবিএস অ্যাডমিট কার্ড ডাউনলোডের তারিখ
এমবিবিএস ফলাফলের তারিখ
বাংলাদেশে এমবিবিএস প্রথম বর্ষ মোট আসন১০৬৯৭
এমবিবিএস সরকারি মেডিকেল আসন৪৩৪৭
এমবিবিএস প্রাইভেট মেডিকেল সিট৬৩৪৭
বাংলাদেশে মেডিকেল কলেজের মোট সংখ্যা মোট ১০৭ টি( সরকারি ৩৭, প্রাইবভেট ৭০)
মেডিকেল ভর্তি পরীক্ষা 2021-22 মোট আবেদনকারী
মেডিকেল ভর্তি পরীক্ষা 2021-22 পরীক্ষায় অংশগ্রহণ করে
মেডিকেল ভর্তি পরীক্ষা 2021-22 মোট উত্তীর্ণ শিক্ষার্থী
এমবিবিএস ভর্তি পরীক্ষা 2021-22 পাসিং শতাংশ
পরীক্ষার কেন্দ্র তালিকা
পরীক্ষা কেন্দ্রসমস্ত মেডিকেল কলেজ এবং আশেপাশের অন্যান্য প্রতিষ্ঠান
এমবিবিএস ভর্তির ফলাফল 2022 লিঙ্ক থেকে এমবিবিএস ভর্তির ফলাফল 2022
এমবিবিএস ভর্তির ফলাফল 2022 প্রকাশের তারিখএমবিবিএস ভর্তি পরীক্ষা 2022 এর ৫-৭ দিন পর

Medical Admission Notice 2024

Candidates for Medical MBBS 1st Year Admission can apply online as per Medical Admission Policy Medical Admission Test Circular 2021-2022. According to the new notification, eligibility for SSC and HSC admission application has been determined. Total GPA-9 has been determined. There may be some policy changes in the admission process this year, the eligibility criteria will be published on the website

মেডিকেল ভর্তি বিজ্ঞপ্তি ডাউনলোড করুণ

See the Eligibility Notice for Medical Admission Test 2024

  • Students from Bangladesh who have passed SSC / Dakhil or equivalent examination in 2019/2020 and HSC / Alim or equivalent examination in 2024 in all examinations including Physics, Chemistry and Biology are eligible to apply for MBBS 1st year for MBBS Medical Admission Examination 2024 session. Will be considered.
  • Students who have passed the SSC / equivalent examination before 2016 will not be considered eligible to apply for the Medical MBBS Admission Test 2024, the Admissions Committee said.
  • GPA in both SSC / Dakhil / Equivalent and HSC / Alim / Equivalent examinations in all domestic and foreign education programs should be at least 9.00. No one can apply below this.
  • In case of non-tribal admission candidates in all tribal and hill districts of the country, the minimum GPA in SSC / Dakhil / Equivalent and HSC / Alim / Equivalent examinations should be 8.00. However, in no way can CGA Dari Ra apply under this.
  • However, a GPA of less than 3.50 in a single test will not be considered eligible to apply. Must have minimum GPA of 3.50 in Biology in HSC / Alim / Equivalent examination for all.
  • Distribution of Medical Admission Test: 1 hour test of 100 (one hundred) MCQ questions of 100 marks will be held. 0.25 number will be deducted for each wrong question.

আবেদন করতে ক্লিক করুণ নিচের লিঙ্কে

এমসিকিউ পরীক্ষায় বিষয়ভিত্তিক নম্বরঃ

 বিষয় নাম্বার
জীব বিজ্ঞান৩০ মার্ক
রসায়ন২৫ মার্ক
 পদাথ বিজ্ঞান২০ মার্ক
 ইংরেজি ১৫ মার্ক
সাধারণ জ্ঞান (বাংলাদেশ ও মুক্তিযুদ্ধ) ১০মার্ক
মোট=৫টি বিষোয়মোট= ১০০ মার্ক

See Medical Admission 2021-2022 Question Sample

Dental and medical admissions answer last year’s questions
Medical Admission Test Advice 2021

who will take the medical admission test for the second time

For the second time MBBS Admission Test 2021-22, 05 (five) marks will be omitted from the merit marks of the candidates and 7.5 marks will be omitted from the marks obtained in case of students admitted in Government Medical or Dental College or Dental Unit in the previous year. 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer in the written MCQ exam of Medical Admission Test 2021-22.

Military Medical Colleges

No.Medical collegeUniversityEstablishedCollege
1.Armed Forces Medical CollegeBUP19991999125Dhaka Cantonmentlink
2.Army Medical College BograBUP2014201450Bogra Cantonmentlink
3.Army Medical College, ChittagongBUP2014201450Chittagong
4.Army Medical College CumillaBUP2014201450Cumilla Cantonmentlink
5.Army Medical College, JessoreBUP2014201450Jessore
6.Rangpur Army Medical CollegeBUP2014201450Rangpur

Public Medical Colleges

No.Public Medical collegeAcronymAffiliated UniversityHospitalEstablishedCollege
1.Dhaka Medical CollegeDMCDU19461946230Dhakalink
2.Sir Salimullah Medical CollegeSSMCDU18751972230Dhakalink
3.Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical CollegeShSMCDU20062006200Dhakalink
4.Mymensingh Medical CollegeMMCDU19241962230Mymensinghlink
5.Chattogram Medical CollegeCMCCMU19271957230Chattogramlink
6.Rajshahi Medical CollegeRMCRMU19541958230Rajshahilink
7.Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical CollegeSOMCSMU19361962230Sylhetlink
8.Sher-e-Bangla Medical CollegeSBMCDU19641968230Barishallink
9.Rangpur Medical CollegeRpMCRMU19701970230Rangpurlink
10.Cumilla Medical CollegeCuMCCMU19791992180Cumillalink
11.Khulna Medical CollegeKMCSHMU19921992180Khulnalink
12.Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical CollegeSZMCRMU19921992180Boguralink
13.Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical CollegeBSMMCDU19921992180Faridpurlink
14.M Abdur Rahim Medical CollegeMARMCRMU19921992180Dinajpurlink
15.Pabna Medical CollegePMCRMU2008200870Pabnalink
16.Abdul Malek Ukil Medical CollegeAMUMCCMU2008200870Noakhali
17.Cox’s Bazar Medical CollegeCoxMCCMU2008200870Cox’s Bazarlink
18.Jashore Medical CollegeJMCSHMU2010201070Jashorelink
19.Satkhira Medical CollegeSMCSHMU2011201165Satkhiralink
20.Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam Medical CollegeSSNIMCDU2011201165Kishoreganjlink
21.Kushtia Medical CollegeKuMCSHMU2011201165Kushtialink
22.Sheikh Sayera Khatun Medical CollegeSSKMCDU2011201165Gopalganjlink
23.Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmad Medical CollegeSTAMCDU2013201372Gazipurlink
24.Sheikh Hasina Medical CollegeSHMCTDU2014201465Tangaillink
25.Sheikh Hasina Medical CollegeSHMCJDU2014201465Jamalpurlink
26.Colonel Malek Medical CollegeCMMCDU2014201475Manikganjlink
27.Shaheed M. Monsur Ali Medical CollegeSMMAMCRMU2014201465Sirajganjlink
28.Patuakhali Medical CollegePkMCDU2014201451Patuakhalilink
29.Rangamati Medical CollegeRmMCCMU2014201451Rangamatilink
30.Mugda Medical CollegeMuMCDU2015201675Dhakalink
31.Sheikh Hasina Medical College, HabiganjSHMCHSMU2018201851Habiganjlink
32.Netrokona Medical College, NetrokonaNMCDU2018201850Netrokonalink
33.Nilphamari Medical CollegeNpMCRMU2018201850Nilphamarilink
34.Magura Medical CollegeMaMCSHMU2018201850Maguralink
35.Naogaon Medical CollegeNaMCRMU2018201850Naogaonlink
36.Chandpur Medical CollegeChMCCMU2018201850Chandpurlink
37.Bangabandhu Medical CollegeBBMCSMU2020202150Sunamganjlink

Public Medical Universities

  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Dhaka
  • Chittagong Medical University
  • Rajshahi Medical University
  • Sylhet Medical University
  • Sheikh Hasina Medical University Khulna