Kurulus Osman S5 Episode 139 Watch Urdu, Bangla Subtitles Video

Kurulus Osman 139th episode will be seen today: Those of you who are hanging tight for Kurulus, observe the present new episode right away. Assuming you are hanging tight for this new episode prior to watching Kurlus. Watch the 139th episode of Kurulus Osman immediately.

Kurulus Osman 139 Episode watch ATV

The 139th episode of Kurulus Osman is going to be released tonight those who are eagerly waiting for the 139th episode without delay visit here now. Hope you can enjoy the best rated new episode 139 of Kurulus Osman today. What is going to happen in this new episode, Orhan is handing over the responsibility to the new episode, let’s see the interesting moments of tonight at 20:00 only Atv

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Vasilis is revealed as a traitor.

Vasilis took refuge with Yakup Bey. He says everything is Osman Bey’s game. Mr. Yakup got angry. Osman Bey must be held accountable. Where is the end of the slander of Vasilis. What will be the end of the tension of Osman Bay and Yakub Bay. What if Binder Bay can’t catch the traitor Vasilis? Osman Bey has already learned that Vasilis is a traitor disguised as the Aga Khan (Crusade).

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Will Cerkutay die after being shot with poisoned arrow?

Little Carkutay was attacked in Yakub Bay market. Little Carkutay was seriously injured. He is now moaning with poison. Bala Hatun and Malhun kneel there to heal his seva and Malhun Hatun makes a sign, implying that Chhota Carkutay will die and everyone prays for him. Let us see this sad incident. Carkutay now blames Osman Bey for his son’s injuries. Yakub Bey has now angered Carkutay. Watch today’s episode and find out what happened.

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What will happen to Gonca Hatun who is in a serious condition?

Yakub Bey had already learned that his daughter Ganja Hatun was injured and infected with tuberculosis. The Martian army and Osman Bey are now being blamed for this. Let’s see Yakub’s new role? Will he betray the Ottomans again or work together? Alauddin and Mehmed Bey set out to find an antidote. However, they were attacked by the Crusaders. Now it remains to be seen whether they will be able to come back or be banned.