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Mark Angel (born 27 May 1991) is a Nigerian comedian, screenwriter and video producer. She is best known on YouTube for her shorts in the Mark Angel comedy series, often attended by child comedians such as her cousin, Emanuela Samuel (age 11), her niece and her cousin “Auntie” Success Madubuik (age 7 at 2021). Angel’s YouTube channel was the first African comedy channel to reach one million subscribers.

Mark Angel Early life

Mark Angel was born in 1991 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. He studied medicine at Obafemi Aoloo University, but left for family reasons. After college, he spent time gaining experience in cinematography and theater in Nigeria, but could not find a stable-paying job in Nollywood. He started making independent films in 2013 called Mechanic Pictures. He is a supporter of Chelsea FC.

Mark Angel Comedy

Mark Angel is best known for his comedy, a series of YouTube comedy shorts that show Angel’s family and people in and around Port Harcourt. Many cute shorts involve two cute kids, named Emanuela Samuel and Success.

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Angel’s first well-known acronym was “Oga Landlord, where he would rent late (Angel) and try to hide from his landlord (Daddy Humble) for him, and for him a girl (Emanuela) would try in vain to keep him hidden (as” he would say). That my uncle is not around, he told me to say so.)

Mark Angel
Personal information
Born 27 May 1991 (age 30)

Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Occupation Comedian, script writer, video producer, YouTuber
YouTube information
  • MarkAngelComedy
Years active 2013–present
Genre Comedy
Subscribers 7.68 million
Total views 7.6 billion

Creator Awards

Samuel is Angel’s longest-performing actress. He has won comedy awards in Nigeria and Australia for his work with Angel and is the youngest YouTube award winner in Africa. She began filming at school as part of a class video project, before Angel was selected for the stability of her actors. The video reached one million views in the first week after Samuel posted the video

Mark Angel Comedy received a plaque from YouTube in 2017 to reach ten million subscriptions. It was the first Nigerian-based YouTube channel.

Film style

Mark Angel works with most camera formats and close camera angles. Illustrations sometimes include shaky camera techniques to give them a natural feel, which Angel calls “freestyle comedy.”

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Angel initially made films in Port Harcourt around her family’s lower-class neighborhood, the environment in which she grew up and her performances in relation to other ordinary people in Nigeria.